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Morning tai chi in the park

Tai Chi at McAlpine
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Endorsed by Curators:
Feb 10 8:00AM - 9:00AM

This is for all levels of fitness. It has been called medicine in motion, and I hope it enriches your lives with health and wellness. Wear comfortable clothing with a loose waist, flat shoes. Eastern medicine and indeed the view of the universe itself is based on the principle of yin/yang forces. This energy is in us as well and the center of this within our body is the Tantien, a point about 2 below navel and 1-1.5 in. It is the Hara or the chakra associated with heat and fire.

The practitioner should think of all movement and energy flowing from this area as the energy/vibration is moved along mentally along the spine past the kundalini tail bone to the backbone and to the top of the head and down the front again. -This can be done as a part of sitting meditation at home.

The body should be relaxed, shoulders down, back erect; lift the tail bone -all joints should be able to rotate/ move smoothly.
Tongue should be rolled up towards the upper palate accumulating liquid to keep throat wet.
Lips slightly apart.
Eyes should be half open seeing infinity. Ears should listen inwards as you breath smoothly. This is the meditative state that we begin our movements.
Mentally, one should be like a cat half asleep yet ready to pounce on the rat or an eagle serenely gliding in the air ready to seize the prey at an instant.

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