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Morning Meditation Session

Morning Meditation Session: International Buddhist Temple
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Endorsed by Curators:
Dec 02 8:30AM - 11:00AM

Please attend if you would like to learn meditation techniques and Buddhist philosophy.

Although this MeetUp is happening in December to introduce newcomers to the Temple and answer questions, meditation sessions in English are being held in November on Saturday's starting at 9 AM. For more information please go to: or call (604) 274-2822.


Meditation helps minimize and eliminate negative emotions and thoughts by teaching us how to let go.

All negative emotions happen unconsciously, so by doing meditation, we can start to become conscious of all these emotions and learn to how have greater influence over the thoughts that we think.

Our thoughts are very powerful and have this relation to our individual lives:

A thought becomes a word, a word can become an action, actions form into habits, habits define our character, And character, is our destiny.

Seated silent mediation is an excellent way to observe our thoughts and by doing so we can have influence over them.

Our intention when meditating is to quiet constant thinking that can get in the way of finding understanding, insight and wisdom in our lives.


8:35 AM Newcomers can meet in the dining hall to receive info, Q & A

9 AM The meditation session starts

10 AM Approximately 15- 20 minute break

10:20 AM Chanting meditation begins

10:30 AM Dharma talk

11:00 AM Complimentary vegan lunch is served, Q & A session

12:00 PM Circumambulation ceremony in main meditation hall (approx.)

12:15 PM Morning meditation program concludes (approx.)

How to find us:In the dining hall at the Temple, 9160 Steveston Hwy, Richmond, BC V7A 1M5

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