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Dec 02 7:00AM - 10:00AM

Link to google map with walking path and points of interest:

= = = MONTHLY PHOTOWALK = = = This is a great way for the community of photographers to get together. We will walk a predetermined path. You're free to wonder! Everyone can discover new places to shoot, discus the way your neighbor got that shot and you can play with your camera in new ways you may not have thought of before!

Each month we will pick a different location to walk. As the time of sunrise changes we will adjust the meeting time to be about 15 minute prior to sunrise and starting to walk PROMPTLY at 15 minutes later.

The walk will be about 1-2 hours.

Walks will be about 1 mile round trip. I think =-P. I'll link a google map of the intended path.

Walks will generally be in a paved or well pathed area.

This is Texas y'all... bring water, dress appropriately for the weather and know your own abilities and limitations.

I'm going to work on plans for posting and discussing your favorite images after the walk.... suggestions as to how or where and when are welcome. For now, the experience will be the walk with fellow photographers. You CAN however, post your images on this specific meetup event immediately if you would like!

That's it... hope to see you there!

Brandon Burkhardt

= = = Notes = = =

What is a Photowalk? Photowalk according to Wikipedia: "Photowalking ( a communal activity of camera enthusiasts who gather in a group to walk around with a camera ( for the main purpose of taking pictures of things that interests each photographer. Although the term implies the single activity of taking pictures while walking, the more modern use of the term specifically relates to a communal activity of camera enthusiasts."

WHY 7:00AM? I can guarantee you just about every great photo ever taken was taken at an uncomfortable time and in a place most people never go. That is when and where the rare and special moments are! Oh yeah... and golden hour. Golden hour is the time of day when the sun is nearest the horizon and the natural light is at it's absolute best. Sunrise and Sunset!

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