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Minnesota Skeptics - Drinking Skeptically

Minnesota Skeptics
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Oct 12 5:00PM - 6:00PM

We start at Be'Wiched Deli. The food is really good and they will customize a sandwich if you don't like what is on offer, but there is no pressure to get anything if you're not hungry - they've never required a purchase. Feel free to show up any time after 5pm, as there is no official start to the meet-up. Updated 09/09/2016: Be'Wiched Deli now normally closes at 6pm but they've graciously offered to stay open until 8pm for our meet-up. THANK YOU!)

Mostly we sit around and chat, Skeptical topics predominate but conversations evolve naturally and pretty much any topic people find interesting can be on offer. Then again, Skepticism permeates just about everywhere... Occasionally we will have a speaker or presenter, and any ideas or suggestions are always welcome.

Around 8pm we head ....somewhere to be determined.

BTW: it has been brought up that some people may not be willing to come to these meet-ups because of the "Drinking" in the title. Please know that this is just a name of casual meet-ups as used by many Skeptics groups across the country but does not mean that people will be expected to be drinking, or won't fit in if they don't. There are several members of our group who do not consume alcohol and those that do, don't drink to excess - any and all persons are welcome and no pressure to partake.

Many of us park in the ramp at 10th and Washington but it can cost $10-12 on Twins game nights. Street parking is often available.

How to find us:We are in the corner past the drink dispenser.

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