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Minimally Invasive Zygomatic Implants - Cadaver Workshop: A Total Approach Concept with Prof. Andrea Tedesco
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Feb 01 9:00AM - 4:00PM

Minimally Invasive Zygomatic Implants - A Total Approach Concept

Graftless solutions for edentulous atrophic maxilla: Immediate loading using Zygomatic and Nasal implants

In this 2-Day Lecture and Hands-on Cadaver Workshop, you will learn about a new, minimally Invasive technique using piezoelectric instrumentationthat was developed by the instructor, Professor Andrea Tedesco.

Course Objectives:

  • Provide theoretical basis on zygomatic implantology;
  • Recognize signs of zygomatic implantology;
  • Know the phases of surgery;
  • Provide a protocol for immediate prosthetic loading;
  • Know and prevent possible complications

Course begins on Saturday, February 1stand ends on Sunday, February 2nd. Class is in session from 9am - 4pm PST

Tuition Includes: 14 CE Credits, Breakfast, Lunch, supplies, and course materials including cadaver specimen

Day 1: Lecture - 9am to 4pm PST

  • Surgical anatomy of zygomatic, nasal, and pterygoid area
  • Diagnosis, instrumentation, and zygomatic techniques
  • Minimally invasive technique with piezoelectric instrumentation

Day 2: Hands-On Workshop - 9am to 4pm PST

  • Cadaver Implant Placement
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Practice of placement techniques

More about the Instructor:

Professor Andrea Tedesco is an Oral Surgeon and an expert in Zygomatic Implant Dentistry. He has devised a minimally invasive technique for the use of zygomatic implants associated with Piezoelectric Surgery. To date, Dr. Tedesco has performed over 200 implant surgeries with the use of Zygomatic Implants. He specialized in Oral Surgery at the University of Florence, Italy and studied internationally. He completed a clinical residency on the 'All-on-4 Zygoma' technique with Dr. Paulo Malo in Portugal, and another residency on Zygomatic Implants with advanced surgical techniques with Prof. Chantal Malevez in Bruxelles. In addition, he got a Post-graduate Diploma at the Oral and Maxillofacial Department of Guy's and St. Thomas Hospital in London. In July 2014 he completed an Oral and Maxillofacial Program on the implant-prosthetic treatment of severe maxillary atrophy in cancer patients with zygomatic implants, Oral and Maxillofacial Manhattan Clinic, Dir. Prof. Dr. David Silcen, New York. Dr. Tedesco is a Fellow Member of the Royal Society of Medicine in London, and a member of the European Association for Osseointegration. He won a price for the Best Presentation at The Royal Society of Medicine in London in January 2016 with his presentation on "The treatment of atrophic maxilla using Zygomatic Implants".

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