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Lindsey T. H. Jackson
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Feb 10 9:30AM - 5:00PM

Do you love your partner, but sometimes it feels like you are talking to someone from another planet?!

Do you look to your partner for validation, respect and intimacy but sometimes feel as if they don't even see you or get you?

Have you ever thought of breaking-up or getting divorced?

Join the club.

Every person, man or woman, has a vision for their partnership, but no matter how manybooks you read, or all the advice you get from family and friends, you and your partner will never fulfill the vision you have for a loving, respectful relationship if you do not learn these three things:

1) Who you are.

2) What you want.

3) How to love yourself as a whole and complete individual.

In this two-day weekend retreat, you and your partner will be guided as you learn tools rooted in years of psychological and spiritual research that have helped hundreds of people nurture the type of loving relationships they have always dreamed of.

Facilitated by life coach, movement therapist and spiritual-guide, Lindsey T. H. Jackson, this 2-day retreat will revolutionzie everything you've been taught about the purpose of longterm partnering. Lindsey says:

"Well most of what we have learned about partnering is flawed. The majority of us, myself included, used to think of partnering in the Disney fairy tale sense: Two incomplete people who, upon finding one another, become complete. It's absurd when you think about it. If that idea was rooted in divine truth then I would be out of practice because couple's would never fight, never feel misunderstood. But that is not the case.

What we now know to be true, or rather, the divine truth that we are finally reclaiming, is that we are each whole and complete already. But we've forgotten it. We call this the forgotten messages of childhood. Early on, often unwittingly, the child learns from the parent that they are not whole and so they must do something to earn their love, or in some cases their safety - be good, be a helper, achieve, hide their weaknesses, detach from their emotions -. And so we build an entire personality structure around this forgotten message. We cling to it as if it were absolute truth. Then we take this truth into our relationships and build a wall of fairy tale love around it.

Sadly, this structure is always doomed to crumble. Why? Because it is not built upon a strong foundation. You see, although the personality structure is built upon the forgotten messages, the true self is still there. The true self is always there trying to be remembered, recognized, and validated. Each of us desperately wants our partner to help us "unearth" our true self, but we are scared. The majority of fights most couples have are rooted in this interplay between the true self and the personality structure.

In my work I help individuals find the courage to unearth their true self. It's a lifetime practice, of course, but it's the foundation upon which the healthiest and most intimate partnerships are built upon. Two complete people coming together to encourage one another to develop and grow."

By the end of the partnering retreat you and your partner will be able to:

1) Identify the root cause of some of your recurring arguments.

2) Create practical tools for fostering effective and empathic communication on topics such as: finances, work, division of household chores, sex, and parenting.

3) Commit to a nurturing relationship that allows for the freedom to pursue individual hopes and dreams.

If you are ready to embrace your vison for a loving and intimate relationshipbased on mutual respect and understanding, then this mindful partnering workshop is for you.

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