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Microsoft/MS Excel Training

Toronto Excel Training
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Nov 30 7:00PM - 10:00PM

In this weekly ongoing training, students will learn to use many beginners to advanced Excel functions and features including text functions, date functions, lookup functions, logical functions, and information functions. Formulas will be created in conditional formats and applied to rows of data. Students will learn to use advanced pivot table features, create dashboards, what-if analysis tools, Vlookups, Hlookups, different IF functions, conditional formatting and many more. I have been a data analyst for years and have been working for big banks as an analyst where I used advanced Excel functions every day. So, I know exactly what functions you need to use in your job to impress your manager. Throughout this course, i will include numerous tips, tricks and keyboard shortcuts. I will cover all fundamental to advanced excel functions that will make your job, assignments and projects execute much faster and easier. If you have a personal laptop i would strongly recommend to bring that with you.

As a bonus of joining my training i will give you tips and suggestions on how to make resumes more tempting to employers and how to win the interviews.

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