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Marijuana Mindfulness: Cannabis-Enhanced Guided Meditation Session!

Marijuana Mindfulness: Cannabis-Enhanced Guided Meditation
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Feb 10 10:00AM - 11:30AM

Join us this Saturday morning for cannabis-enhanced guided meditation!

Marijuana Mindfulness: Cannabis-Enhanced Guided Meditation Session
Saturday, February 3rd| 10am | South LA | Donation-Based

Commune with other like-minded humans, enjoy the bliss of cannabis, and take some intentional time to relax, release, connect with & explore your SELF and more of the amazingness within you through cannabis-enhanced guided meditation. Guided Meditation led by Jana J.

Deepen your awareness, enhance your relationship with yourSelf, and commune with others as we take some time of self-care with cannabis-enhanced guided meditation!

Classes currently take place in a private residence in South LA.
To maintain the integrity of these private spaces, the exact address will be emailed to you after you sign up! The listed address is right around the corner to give you an idea.
You will be sent a confirmation message with exact address by 10pm the night before class in your meetup messages. Alternatively, you can reserve your spot at

All classes are 21+ with ID or 18+ with valid MMJ rec!

Classes are donation-based.
You can donate cash the day of class, by using the "Donate Here" option on the RSVP page at, on Venmo (RoyalPurpleHouse), or through PayPal ([masked]).

What is Marijuana Mindfulness?
Set in a private residence, filled with uplifting and calming essential oils, you'll get to experience the powerful therapeutic combination of cannabis, aromatherapy, and meditation. With cushioned floor space, wall space, couches, and chairs, you will easily be able to find your comfortable seat for the meditation. Whether you choose to use Cannabis or not, it is always present, yet optional, for those who want to experience the therapeutic support of this plant to go deeper within yourself. In addition to cannabis, other holistic modalities such as Essential Oils, Sage, and plant-based food for after the meditation are used to set an intention/mantra and connect even more - Intentions/mantras are simply meant to be an affirmative anchor to assist you in maintaining your connection to your breath and the wholeness of your being.

Developing a consistent meditation practice can have profound positive effects for your holistic wellness - your emotional balance, your relationships, how you feel about yourself, how you express yourself, how you trust yourself - as it allows the space for your mind to quiet, your breath to deepen, and your self awareness & appreciation to elevate & expand! It's a wonderful journey of knowing yourself more intimately and becoming more familiar with the space of inner peace that dwells within you. Releasing judgment, doubt, worry, fear, and confusion, meditation provides the space, time, and focus to disconnect from the "happenings" of the world around you and connect with the life-flowing, all-knowing, abundant energy that resides and flows inside of you - that is you.

What to Bring:
The most important things to bring are your smile, a positive attitude, an open mind, and an open heart :) Also be sure to wear comfortable clothing, and bring your ID (21+ or 18+ with MMJ recommendation).

For more details on what to expect, visit

I look forward to elevating and meditating with you!

It is my intention that you conclude each meditation session feeling high, happy, and whole - holistically so :-)

Jana J

How to find us:Location zip is 90044. Exact address is sent to your Meetup message inbox by 10pm the night before class!

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