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Manitou Springs Incline (Rescheduled

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Jun 17 7:15AM - 1:30PM

This is rescheduled event from May, 2017.

Here she is; THE MOTHER OF ALL INCLINES!!! Everyone who attempts the climb automatically joins an elite group of adventurers. Elevation gain is 2,025 ft. (YIKES!!) Hopefully everyone is attending my Castle Rock Incline meetup as a practice, as well as the bootcamps held in April. If not, I hope you are training in your own way. Either way this will require you to be pre-conditioned; both physically and altitudely (is that a word?)

I will post several websites for you to check out (including a utube of the actual incline hike) and so you know what to expect. I've already scheduled the first two 14ers (class 1 & 2) for the following Friday and Sunday, so this will be a great conditioning workout for climbing a 14er.

Very important to have sufficient water. This hike may take you 3-4 hrs. (depending on skill level) to complete. Suggested you bring snacks, hat, sunscreen, and positive attitude. Poles are recommended (helps this become an all body workout; saves your knees).

You can download the full hiking and backpacking gear checklist here (free)

If you are late, no worries, go ahead start the incline, you may catch up to some. Please take lots of photos as this is a big accomplishment. If a group finds themselves at the top please do take a group photo and post here.

The map and address above is to free shuttle bus stop area. Park near the spa area where it says general parking; should be free parking for shuttle users. The shuttle bus picks up on Old Man's Trail Rd which is adjacent to El Paso Blvd. A shuttle bus leaves every 10 min to a stop very close to incline trailhead. Just walk up a short distance from where the bus drops you off (follow the crowds). There is a coffee house right close to the trailhead for that last bit of caffeine boost.

A possible car pool stop could be the Home Depot in Lone Tree (8477 S. Yosemite, Lone Tree). Please compensate/tip your driver. If we arrive at carpool place around 7:15 am and target to leave about 7:30am then we should arrive at free shuttle area about 8:30. After waiting for shuttle and the short walk up the hill to coffee shop, we can grab a quick cup of joe, use facilities and be at trailhead by 9am.

It is estimated that you will take about 1.5-2hrs to go up and 1-1.5 hrs to go down (those who are faster of course won't take that long). However, the fastest time up is 30 min. (what?! No way!!) There is a halfway point which has an out through a trail back down (but pretend I didn't tell you that!). Also, you have a choice to go back down the way you came up, although during busy times this is frowned upon (also keep in mind that the steps are slightly angled downward and not advised if there is snow or ice) or take the trail down which is about 3.5 miles. FYI....there are porta potties at the trailhead (Yes, very important here).

The Manitou Brewing Company may be a great stop to celebrate our accomplishments afterwards.

We should be back at the park and ride (Home Depot) by 1:30pm unless we stop at brewery in which case it could be 3pm (so make sure whoever you carpool with understands when you need to be back.

Sorry, there are no pets allowed here.

Trailhead elevation is 6,570 ft. and the summit is 8,595 ft.
Map from Home Depot to Shuttle area near Sun Water Spa:,+El+Paso+Boulevard,+Manitou+Springs,+CO/The+Home+Depot,+8477+S+Yosemite+St,+Lone+Tree,+CO+80124/@39.2525991,-105.3777126,9z/data=!3m2!4b1!5s0x876c85b1a9d82671...

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