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MAN CAMP | Forge a Legacy for Christ

The Oaks Church
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Nov 09 7:00AM - 12:00PM

Man Camp is a half-day event designed to encourage, challenge and equip men to cultivate a Christ-centered, God-glorifying culture with their families, workplaces and amongst their peers.

In America, church attendance is at 61 percent women vs 39 percent men. That means that every Sunday there are millions of more women leading their families to church gatherings than men. While attending church is not the end-all, it is a clear indication of the lack of men in the church.

Man Camp will tackle 4 areas of a man's life which the bible clearly gives direction for the man to lead. We believe the man is to be the prophet, priest, protector, and provider of the home to create a Christ-centered, God-glorifying culture with their families and community abroad.

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