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TechShop Mid-Peninsula
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Nov 15 7:00PM - 10:00PM

Do you like to create devices that solve a real problem? Do you wish someone would make a device to solve some problem you have? Then join us!

Group members bring together ideas, skills and experience to help each other develop practical projects and to further development of the same. You do not have to be a member of TechShop to attend the MeetUp.

Our focus is on electronics, Internet of Things, mechanics, actuators, sensors - basically making something to solve a problem. You don't have to be a programmer or an engineer to attend this MeetUp - we welcome everyone with an interest in creating solutions to problems. The first meeting is divided into 2 parts.

The first part lets members show and tell projects that they are contemplating, have in development, or have completed and released. If you would like to show off your finished or in-process project at the MeetUp, please e-mail us with your name and project title. 5 minutes tops - no commercials. Your presentation should raise interest in the group so that people will want to discuss it in the second part of the meeting.

The second part is a round table discussion of items of interest to group members in general, including (but not limited to):

Ideas for practical projects where you need help and/or assistance from group members to solve problems and create a path toward development;

Ideas for practical projects where you would like to see other members go off and develop the project;

Issues and problems that group members have encountered with their projects and their solution to these problems;

Issues and problems that are currently vexing group members and soliciting ideas from the membership about possible solutions/workarounds.

This is not a good MeetUp to look for a job, to look for people to hire, or to find new ideas for your secret start up. Many members have day jobs, but this MeetUp is to discuss those outside-of-work projects that you do to satisfy your own intellectual curiosity. We hope that projects spawned from these MeetUps become public GitHub projects.

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