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Magnetic Business Attraction For Leaders

Terry Wildemann and Intuitive Leadership®
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Dec 02 7:30AM - 4:00PM

Magnetic Business Attraction For Leaders

Hosted by Intuitive Leadership and the Business Forum Group At Doral

Join us for this one day master class for leaders
and gain new insights that help you to
evolve into an unstoppable intuitive leader!

Imagine fun and loving relationships at work and home, attracting clients and profits easily, doing work that you love. You lead your employees, co-workers, clients and others with mindfulness, awareness, grace and ease. You grow in mind, body and spirit, and your influence reaches far and wide touching others with an energy that affects social consciousness in a powerful, strong and positive manner. You take inspired action and make a difference everywhere you go by owning who you are.

Does this sound like you?
If so this masterclass will help you to begin
your inward journey towards creating the outward results you seek!

During thisMagnetic Business Attraction for Leaders Masterclass you will learn:

  • Why it works and how to use Magnetic Business Attraction in sales, service, leadership, and communications.
  • How integrating intuition and practical law of attraction gives you the leading edge in decision-making, goal setting, inspired action and relationships.
  • How our mindset influences our results in all we do.
  • How affirmations, done properly, can manifest your desires at work and home.
  • How high stress levels influence how you communicate and lead and what to do about it.
  • How your words and phrases attract or repel what you want in person, in your speech and writing.
  • Identify self-sabatoging blocks that affect success in business, career and life and how to dissolve them.
  • An easy-to-use business action plan to help set the energy for projects and goals.
  • Magnetic Business Attraction tools to assist in elevating your vibrations and influence your leadership behaviors.
  • And much more!

Terry's mission is to help leaders create thriving socially conscious businesses and make 2018 their best ever! The more you focus on your goals, and how to implement them with viable strategies, positive energy and focus, the faster we can shift our economy and make a difference.

Begin Creating Business Prosperity NOW!

When you start working with the Terry's Shiftology and Magnetic Business Attractiontools, you'll soon find yourself instantly noticing your negative or worrisome thoughts. Implementing your newfound knowledge, your thoughts and emotions easily shift into positive vibes influencing your mindset, leadership, communications, decision-making and more. Your health, career, relationships, finances and how you choose to play change for the better.

So, are you ready to learn how to work with Magnetic Business Attraction?
Come prepared to work, focus and achieve!



Kenneth Proudfoot, Associate Professor & Founding Director,
Larry Friedman International Center for Entrepreneurship, Johnson & Wales University

"Terry loves people and loves to see people succeed. She is passionate and energetic and puts 200% into her teaching, coaching, and caring for her clients and friends. She will expand your universe and help you better understand all of the gifts and talents you have. Best of all, she will show you how to reach your potential.
If you are looking for a better and more fulfilling life, call on Terry and begin!

Yes, I'm IN for the
Magnetic Business Attraction for Leaders Masterclass!

This one day masterclass includes:

  • Continental breakfast and afternoon snacks
  • Workbook and journal
  • Networking with fellow leaders
  • BONUS: Positive Words and Phrases E-Book by Terry Wildemann
  • BONUS: Follow-up Q&A webinar 2 weeks later
  • BONUS: Mindmovie to visually help you focus.

Only $195 for a full day of magnificent cutting-edge leadership training!

Look at what Terry's student have to say!

Jeanne Evans, Promotion With Motion
Terry will work you! Her workshop is very structured. You begin right away by examining yourself, your dreams, your strengths, your weaknesses, and especially your self-worth. The discovery throughout the program is truly remarkable; one feels the collective energy in the room ignite. That flame entices other weary travelers and renews the spirit. Tears become Cheers.

Patricia Cerchio-Vieira, Life Transition Facilitation

Terry is a phenomenal coach and that is probably an understatement. She is uniquely skilled in getting to the heart of your professional or personal issues, in many cases revealing that the true issue is not what you originally thought. Not only does she help you identify your true issues, she can break through them using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) so quickly and effectively you wont hardly know what happened. You wont be disappointed. WARNING: Only go to Terry if you are ready to take your Business or yourself to the next level.

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