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Mad Otter Adventure Trek and Trail Race

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May 20 6:00AM - 8:00PM


The Registration Website is up at

15K Trail Race added independently of the Mad Otter Race

MAY 20, 2017


6 and 12 Hour Options

The Mad Otter

is a hybrid of a Cross Country Orienteering Race/Rogaine and Adventure Race. Call it what you want but one thing is for sure, The Mad Otter is a Navigational race around Otter Creek Park that will leave your head spinning with choices.

It is suitable for beginners up to advanced level


The main tools used by competitors are the Map and a compass. The Map is a specialized Orienteering Map which was originally created in the Mid 90s. Over half of the has been updated from 2015 to the present. If you are familiar with Orienteering Map Symbology, you should easily read this map. If not, you should study O Symbols first


Otter Creek is mostly made of of Karst Terrain so expect caves and large depressions and Pits. It is mostly flat but has large hills going to Otter Creek and the Ohio River.


Teams can be made up of 2-4 competitors. Solo competitors are also welcome

Format Details

All competitors are given 2 large format 1:10:000 maps. These are all the same map but with different courses on them. The 12 Hour Map has 4 Courses while the 6 Hour course has 2. The 2nd Map is used by everyone and has the Rogaine portion (Free for all)

6 HOUR TEAMS : You will be given Map 1 with 2 courses on it. They are labeled course A and Course B. You must complete course A in Control Point order in able to qualify for awards and to go on the Rogaine Portion (Map 2). Once you complete course A, you can elect to continue on to Course B or turn in your Map and ask for Map 2 (Rogaine Map). You will be awarded 1 Point apiece for completing Course A. You can start on the Rogaine anytime after completing course A. There are 48 CPs out there on the Rogaine portion and they are point weighted according to difficulty and distance from the Start.

12 HOUR TEAMS: Identical to description for the 6 Hour with the following differences:You have to complete the first 2 courses (A and B) to be eligible for any award or to get the Rogaine Map to continue on that part of the race.

Point System (Exact amount of points could change)

Course A: 1 point per CP

Course B: 1 point per CP + 5 pt bonus for slide run + 20 point completion bonus.

Course C: 1 point per CP + 40 Point Completion Bonus

Course D: 1 point per CP + 60 Point Completion bonus

Total points possible for 6 HR Point to Point portion = 52

Total points possible for 6 Rogaine Portion - 168

6 Hour Clear the course total = 220

Total points possible for 12 HR Point to Point portion= 192

Total points possible for Rogaine portion = 168

12 hour Clearing the course total: 360


All 4 courses conform to International Orienteering Standards and can be defined as the following:

Course A = 15K Trail Race

Course B = Long Orange (Orienteering)

Course C = Ultralong Green (Orienteering)

Course D = Long Blue (Orienteering)

ROGAINE = 48 Control Points throughout the park Point Weighted controls.

Competition awards and categories

Classic plus Veterans (Age 50 and Over) Categories

Solo Male

Solo Female

Co-Ed Team

Women Team

Men Team

1st through 3rd place Awards for the following Courses in each Category:

Stage 1 Trail Race (Everyone eligible)

MAD OTTER (6 and 12 Hour categories)

Recreational Courses

You do not have to enter the whole race if you do not have the time. You can go solo through any of the 5 courses listed above. You do not have to sign up early and can just show up. The cost is $15 for any of the courses. You are limited to 1 course with the paid fee or pay $25 for the Rogaine

**No Awards

**Snacks will be available

**No Electronic timing needed

**Manual Punching will require your own counting of points

**Standings will be in the Recreational category only

Recreational Course List

Trail Race

Long Orange

Ultra Long Green

Long Blue



$55 OLOU or USARA/OUSA Member

$65 Non OLOU or OUSA Member

$50 Under 18

*$4 Fingerstick Rental (50 Capacity fingerstick that holds 50 punches or more is recommended)

*if you already own already own a fingerstick that holds between only 30 points, you can use that as long as you are aware of your limits on the Rogaine. You will not have any problems on Courses A-D



2-8pm Registration possibly at Quest for the Outdoors


5-7am Registration

7am Briefing

8am Mass Start

2pm 6 Hour Finish

3pm 6 Hour Awards ceremony

8pm 12 Hour Finish

9pm 12 Hour Awards Ceremony


Control Pickup (Volunteers needed)


All points are tabulated electronically with Fingersticks. This will allow for live and instant results. Fingersticks should have a 50 Point capacity. We have 50 available for Rent so first come first serve. After we run out we will start renting out our 30 capacity fingersticks. You will not have any problem with any of the courses with the lower capacity fingerstick unless you get more than 30 points on the Rogaine. If you think you will, then you had better either buy or rent the larger capacity fingerstick.


Advanced registration is Mandatory. The Early registration Deadline is April 30. The absolute deadline is May 18 at Noon. Registration is Open


*All competitors if part of a team should stay close in contact with one another. (Voice and sight)

*No changing teams or categories once the deadline of Noon on Friday is here without permission from Meet director. In some cases such as late minute illnesses it can be allowed.

*If you mispunch on any of Course A-D, you are NOT DQed. You have a chance to correct the mistake. If you Mispunch on Course A for the 6 hour and do not correct the error, you will be DQed.

*If you mispunch on Course A or B on the 12 hour and do not correct, you will be DQed. If you mispunch on any of the others, you can go on with the course and still be awarded one point for each control you punched, however you will not get any course completion bonuses.

*You can wear a GPS but not a graphical interface one. Tracking is encouraged and we will have the routes up on a website immediately after the event.

*You will lose 2 Points for every minute late starting when our official Race Clock ends

*This is a Mass Start event. You will not have to punch the Start control but will have to clear all fingersticks.

*Your time ends when the last person in your group finishes


All Competitors must carry a Cell Phone and a Whistle. Also, a full list of equipment required is below. With the exception of the 2 items mentioned above, you only have to carry these items on the Rogaine Portion of the Race.



Extra Batteries

Otter Creek Park Location

Google Maps shows the correct location and directions. There is a Fee to get into Otter Creek but that fee is waived for the Mad Otter Entrants. Follow signs to the Start/Registration.

How to find us:Follow signs after entering the park

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