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Macros and Mushrooms

Southwest Denver Photo Team
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Aug 12 7:30AM - 8:30AM

August means mushroom season in the Colorado Rockies. Hundreds of Coloradans head to the hills to gather their share of edible mushrooms each year. Let's meetup and head to the hills to photograph mushrooms. Meeting place will be Squaw Pass. It will be real close to the Witter Gulch Road intersection. Bring your macro lenses if you have them (a long lens will also work), your tripod or bean bags to stabilize your camera, and your cable release. Mushrooms typically live where it's shady, and that means slow shutter speeds.

Be prepared to heel and toe it off-trail. I recommend that you bring along your hiking boots, rain gear, a backpack, water, sunscreen, and snacks. Mushrooms like it moist, so you might also be prepared to get a little dirty and damp, depending on how much moisture we have.

We can shoot for 2 -3 hours or so, and then can plan on going for a late breakfast or early lunch somewhere in Bergen Park or Evergreen.

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