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LONG DANCE 2018 at Bird Song Peace Chamber September 15/16, 2017.

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Endorsed by Curators:
Sep 15 1:00PM - 12:00PM

THE LONG DANCE (at the Birdsong Peace Chamber)

Led by Jim Frank

What is the Long Dance?

The Long Dance is a visioning dance held at night under the stars. The dancers move in a circular motion around the corral. It is a time to bring forth associations that lie in the subconscious mind, and by dancing them, they can be brought to conscious levels, owned, and released. It is a time to quest for your spirit, to surrender, to endure. Beautiful Painted Arrow says: In the Long Dance of Life, every- step awakens three opportunities for the human; One: placement in eternity; Two: purification of past forms; Three: new opportunities for adventure, for in the instances of eternal time, the new always refreshes and cleanses. Arrive early Saturday afternoon and pitch your tent and help prepare the corral A Sweat Lodge follows. Then we hang our Medicine Shield Banners in the corral. Following a light supper, as night falls the dance begins and goes into early morning hours, then the dancers rest. On awakening, we have breakfast, a sharing, and return home early in home afternoon of Sunday.

Oh, and about money, talk to Jim if you are not in a position to donate. There are a few service jobs available. No one should miss this dance because they don't have money.

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