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Literacy Learning Workshop Series

Greenacres Foundation
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Endorsed by Curators:
Dec 02 8:30AM - 12:00PM

Learn to make each stage of the creative process gratifying for students through the creation of an illustrated piece of writing that will be complied into a group anthology. What's more, extend the experience by publishing the content using contemporary formats and media. This workshop will serve as a model that you can apply in any classroom setting.

Acquiretools that will build creativity within your students.

Discoverthe similarities of the writing and illustration processes.

Attaina clear, replicable model that showcases the stages of writing and illustration.

Learnformat and technology options that your students can use to share finished works.

Inspireyour students with the power of STEAM.

Graduate credits available through Ashland University.

Click here for a copy of the workshop schedule

Upon completion of the series of workshops, participants will know and be able to:

  1. Create a storyline based on ideas generated in workshops
  2. Describe a picture of series of pictures he or she would draw/create of an action or actions from his or her storyline.
  3. Storyboard/illustrate using hand-drawn or media resources his or her storyline.
  4. Apply contemporary formats and media technology to create a group anthology
  5. Collaboratively plan and execute a section of a group anthology.
  6. Apply artistic and creative writing vocabulary when describing product.
  7. Present and defend quality of work based on a set of criteria
  8. Share with others a replicable model that showcases the stages of writing and illustration.
  9. Share with others contemporary formats and media technology for self or group publishing.

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