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Limitless Level One Breakthrough Certification

Idaho Limitless Team
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Dec 02 8:00AM - 4:00PM

Limitless Breakthrough University

On December 2nd, Limitless comes to Idaho Falls! Learn about the belief breakthrough process and how you can use it in your daily life. Our team of mentors and coaches will be teaching level one breakthrough certification.



Deep down, all of us want basically the same things: We want to have thriving healthy relationships. We want to feel healthy, fulfilled, and energetic. We want to have the money to enjoy life. We want to feel like were making a contribution and living our purpose every day. We want to feel loved and to feel happy. We want to have it all. We want to live a LIMITLESS LIFE.

Yet, despite our desires, many feel limited, stuck and struggling in many areas of their life. Based on statistics, MOST people are unhappy in their relationships, frustrated, unsatisfied in their jobs, and strugglingfinancially burdened by debt and unable to live the life they want.

If youre ready to escape the LIMITS that have been holding you back, this breakthrough event has been strategically designed to teach you the MINDSET and SKILLSET required to live a LIMITLESS LIFE.

The secret to living a limitless life is by becoming an unconditional beingImagine no conditions set on your ability to live and create.

You were born to create your ideal life. You deserve to have it all. This is your divine Birthright!

In order to create that life however, you must learn how to breakthrough the top limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, including some of the popular lies like:

  • Im not good enough

  • No one loves me

  • I cant afford it

  • I dont deserve it

  • Im not worthy

  • I cant change

  • Its too much risk

  • Im too fat

  • I cant do it

  • Its not my nature

  • I dont have energy

  • Im too scared

These false beliefs contribute to your paradigm. They limit all of lifes outcomes. Unchallenged, your limited belief system will produce shame, guilt, depression, fear, anger, frustration, chronic health issues, and lack in everything you desire.

The only hope to achieve your dreams is to retrain your brain. We must learn to have our minds work for us rather than against us in living the life we want.


  • 1Helps you identify the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back
  • 2Unwinds and releases your false beliefs
  • 3Installs new empowering Limitless beliefs which literally rewire your mind so you can create the life you want.

Limitless Book authors Mitchell and Kristen Barney will be available for book signings.

Limitless bookpurchases include two tickets to the National Limitless Events. (Valued at $499 each)

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