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Lets Conquer Battleship Mountain!

Jennifer Lagua
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Dec 02 7:00AM - 3:00PM

Celebrating my last hike of the 52 challenge with climbing this beauty of a beast! Hike is 12 miles RT and estimated at 7 hours of hiking. A total of 2200 ft TEG. I will be bringing a great attitude and a bottle of champagne to toast! I am capping this event at 15 people due to the rules of no more than 15 on a trail to minimize footprint on our beautiful Sups. With all of that said please read the following excerpt from Hike Arizona. I would like to stress this is a difficult hike and should not be attempted by anyone who cannot do 12 miles of hiking and who has fear of heights. For those of you up to the challenge...lets get her MCs!

A WORD OF FAIRWARNING:This should be considered a difficult hike for advanced hikers only.Scrambling and bouldering skillsare a must (1). To the individual not comfortable with heights, this hike has the potential to be a real life nightmare. That being said, there is no technical climbing involved, and at no time did I feel like I was at any real risk of falling. "Exposure" is a term used by climbers to describe the degree of vulnerability in the event of a fall. Although there is some very realexposureto be encountered on this hike, the risk of falling itself is extremely minimal. Therefore, as is mostly the case, dealing with the element ofexposureis more of a psychological battle than a physical one.

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