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Let's head over to the peninsula and hike up to Marmot Pass / upper big Quilcene

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Sep 16 6:15AM - 7:15AM

Don't leave Marmot Pass Upper Big Quilcene off your list of must do hikes on the Olympic Peninsula, and don't be scared off by the nearly 3500 feet of elevation gain in a little over 6.25 miles. The trail is in great condition and the longest section of steeper trail is only three-quarters of a mile.

This will be a very fun day, but a long one. If the weather is bad, I will switch the hike to a closer one.

Distance - 11.5 round trip.

Elevation gain - 3489 feet.

High point - 6000 feet.

Pass required - Northwest forest pass.

Ferry fee - $18.20 for car and driver each way. $8.20 per passenger round trip. We will average it per car. Plan on $15 a person for a car of 4.


6:15 am - meet at park and ride.

6:25 am - leave for ferry terminal

7:10 am - ferry leaves for Kingston.

7:40 am - arrive in Kingston.

7:50 am - coffee at cup and muffins.

8:20 am - leave for trailhead.

9:50 am - arrive at trailhead.

10:00 am start hiking.

2:00 pm - lunch at the top.

2:30 pm - return trip.

5:30 pm - arrive at cars.

5:40 pm - leave for trailhead party in Port Gamble.

6:40 pm - arrive at Port Gamble.

7:40 pm - leave for ferry terminal. (Depending on time, we may catch the 7:45 ferry).

8:00 pm - arrive at ferry terminal.

8:20 pm - ferry leaves for Edmonds.

8:50 pm - ferry arrives in Edmonds.

9:10 pm - arrive at park and ride.

All times are estimates depending on which ferry we catch on the way home.


Good boots, poles optional, hat, sun glasses, sun screen, bug spray, plenty of water, rain gear if needed, micro spikes, lunch for the top, $20 for gas for the driver, $15 for the driver for the ferry (please pay these to the driver up front at the park and ride so the driver can pay for these), something to share for the trailhead party.


The trail starts out rolling through forest for the first mile and a half. The small, steep sections are balanced out by level parts perfect for built-in water or snack breaks. After about 3.5 miles, the trail's grade increases, and you will hike steeply for about three-quarters of a mile and then the rest is gentle to the pass.

You start in mysterious forest and hike for 2.5 miles through enormous cedars and hemlocks, old-growth standing silently while the Big Quilcene River babbles along beside you. At Shelter Rock Camp at 3600 feet of elevation, you'll leave the river and begin climbing to Camp Mystery, found at about 5300 feet, 4.5 miles in. Past Camp Mystery you'll hike through a meadow and then up another rise to a second meadow that gives you the view of your goalthe pass.

The pass is home to the junction with the Tubal Cain Trail. A right on Tubal Cain takes you to Buckhorn Lake Camp and the other direction heads to Boulder Camp and a junction to the Dungeness Trail. If you are feeling like bagging a quick summit, the summit of Buckhorn Mountain is attainable in just one mile, but with 900 feet of elevation gain.

The Tubal Cain trail past Buckhorn Lake leads to the old Tubal Cain Mine site as well as the B-17 plane ruins, a popular destination for hikers who access it using the Tubal Cain Mine Trail. From Marmot Pass, the views as well as the backpacking possibilities are endless.

Driving Directions

From Quilcene drive US 101 south for 1.5 miles. (From Shelton follow US 101 north for 50.5 miles.) Turn right (west) onto Penny Creek Road. After 1.5 miles bear left onto Big Quilcene River Road (Forest Road 27). Drive 9.25 miles, turning left on FR 2750. Continue 4.75 miles to the trailhead. Privy available.

How to find us:I drive a silver Chevy Cruise

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