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Let's do it: Tour de Palm Springs 2018

Robert's Cycling Adventures
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Feb 10 7:45AM - 2:00PM

This is a "Great Fun Ride" and one of the 'Best in the West' with over 8 to 10 thousand of our closest cycling friends coming in to ride from all over the country. This is not a race so you may cruise at your own pace. I would suggest you partner up with riders of a similar pace to ride with. There are numerous Sag Stops with food and drink available along the way. But still bring your own 'favorite snacks' and drinks.

There are 3 main routes to consider: 25, 50, & 100 miles. Most of us intermediate riders will do the 50 miler. Robert will be doing the 50 miler. Advanced riders may choose the 100 miler. And of course beginners and occasional riders can do the 25 miles.

All routes are fairly easy with the 50 & 100 milers having some rolling hills but nothing steep. So this is excellent for riders doing their first ride at these distances.

View the 50 mile route:






Rain or Shine, No Refunds "Tour de Palm Springs 2018"

All Riders MUST have helmet sticker (on front of helmet) to enter SAG stops; NO EXCEPTIONS.

Link for event details:

Click on "Register Now" and then Sign in and Join our "Team".

TEAM NAME: I have set up a Team: " Roberts Cycling Adventures "

DISCOUNT CODE: I have also set up a Discount Code with TDPS today 1/4/2018 for a "10 % off" of the normal rate. That code is " 18RCA ". Thanks to Cheryl Granter of TDPS. Just go to the bottom of the ride choices and enter the code where it says "Enter promotional code". Enter the code and then click on "Apply" and then click on "register" to pay at Eventbrite. Have your credit card ready as there is a time limit of 20 minutes. It goes by fast.

Preparation: Do your Hotel/Motel reservations weeks if not months ahead of time. There are thousands of riders coming in for this event. I do mine about 2 months prior to ensure the best room at the best price. You can still get some rooms close to the time of the event but they may not be the best or the cheapest. Some may bring their Motor Homes and Park near the event. Some may choose to get up early and drive in the day of the event. Just allow plenty of time for everything.

Pack up everything the night before you leave when you have plenty of time to check your gear and bike stuff.

One time about 10 years ago I was so rushed to go in the morning and packed in a hurry and when I got there I discovered that I forgot my Bike shorts. Since I really didn't want to ride in my boxer shorts, haha, I had to quickly find a bike shop and buy some, and got lucky and found some at the last moment.

Bike Shop: Palm Springs Cyclery 611 S. Palm Canyon Dr. P.S. [masked]-9319. Closes at 6:00 PM. See there website:

"Meetup Schedule":

I suggest we meet up on Friday around 5:00 PM by Starbucks to decide where to eat. And then post a comment to that effect where some are going.

Yes: Chipotle or Rubio's is fine. No reservations needed and 1/3rd the price.

Chipotle: 2465 East Palm Canyon Drive #1110, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Rubio's: 5200 East Ramon Road, Palm Springs, CA 92264

"Saturday Breakfast for 50 milers", Meetup at "6:30 AM" at "Elmer's Restaurant" 1030 E Palm Canyon Dr. Ate there last year and it was good and not crowded at all. No reservations needed there.

"Critical Timing": We need to "leave Elmers by 7:15" in order to drive the 2.2 miles to the start of the ride and park by 7:30 and get our bikes ready to then meetup at Starbucks by 7:45.

Last couple of years we were able to park in the lot one block behind Starbucks and to the North in the parking lot there for free. The backup plan is parking directly behind Starbucks in a pay lot for $5.00 and you put it a machine so bring the exact cash for that in case.

See the map where to park:

You also may be able to park there the night before to go get your registration packet at the expo which is nearby on North Palm Canyon Dr.

Elmer's review:

"Ride Schedule": 50 milers will "meet at 7:45 AM" at "Starbucks" and ride out at 8:00. Robert will lead the 50 miler so see him for details or questions.

100 milers should meet at 6:30 and ride out at 7:00 AM.

After ride: 50 milers put bikes away, or bring them if necessary and meet at Starbucks at Tahquitz & Palm Canyon to discuss Food Place. Last year we walked 1 long scenic block South to "Kaiser Grill" and ate. Food was fine, but a little slow on service, anyhow we got to sit on the front patio so we could watch our bikes and the people passing by. The line was huge across the street at Lulu

The Weather: "Looks good" Sunny starting out cool in the 50's and warming up to the mid 70's. See AccuWeather:

Regrouping: With all the thousands of riders we can and will be separated very easy so be prepared to 'get lost'. Not that you really can get lost. The route is well posted with arrows on the ground, just remember what color your route .Make sure you have your wrist bands/helmet tags on so you can get help from the roving Sag Vehicles and to get into the Sag stops, and make sure you have your route slip with you for backup. Not that you need it. Just follow the color coded arrow markers down on the road at all turns. Your route slip will be the same color as the markers. The 50 & the 100 milers ride partially on the same route so do not blindly follow any rider, just watch for those road markers and or refer to your route slip when in doubt.

For my 50 miler group: we will "regroup" at the 2 Sag/Rest Stops. And we will probably still get separated because we all ride at different speeds and with not to many stop lights it's so easy to do. Our fall back is to meet at Starbucks at the end of the ride. "Starbucks" 101 S. Palm Canyon, on the Southwest corner at Tahquitz.

SAG Stops for the 50 milers are just after the 20 mile mark and just before the 40 mile mark. So they now are more evenly spaced on this new route.

I will miss the old route after 15 years of doing that , I had it just about memorized. On the plus side this new route is almost all flat, good for any newer riders, but I will miss that gradual climb going North out of town and the rollies heading East and the long downhill on Dillon Road and Washington street after that.

So get ready to have a great "fun ride" and see you all there. Woohoo!!! Robert

Check out this cool video by Jeff R. a couple of years ago just to give you some idea how this ride is:

Forever Marilyn is forever "Gone". How sad! My favorite Movie Star of that era.

How to find us:We will meet on the North sidewalk next to Starbucks on Tahquitz & Palm Canyon just across from the former Marilyn Monroe Statue

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