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LEGO Robotics & Hands-on 3D Design with TinkerCAD - PS

Maker State
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Jul 06 9:00AM - 4:00PM
Ever wonder what its like to build your own robot from scratch? This is your camp! Each day of camp, youll build a bigger and smarter and faster robot that learns to explore and create a more sustainable future. Youll also 3D design and print your own robot accessories with the 3Doodler pen. And youll craft obstacles and for your robot to navigate in TinkerCAD. Well also create geometric shapes with hands-on jello blocks and play dough straw engineering and cardboard automata to discover mechanics and physics. And well explore the fundamentals of AI and machine learning as we unleash a world of walking, talking, thinking robots that builder a greener world for all. This is advanced hands-on creativity for advanced fun and learning!

Please visit MakerState's website directly for the most up to date discounts and promotions:

General Program Details:

9am- 4pm, includes a new hands-on, interactive tech-arts Challenge project each morning and afternoon

Ages 6-14 (flexibility on ages; please email with questions). While our Challenge Projects are structured building and learning experiences, we manage our MakerSpaces so that kids of diverse ages and abilities can engage in and master new STEM skills during each session.

Drop off from 8:30am and pick up until 4:00pm with Free Build time in Minecraft Engineering, Scratch Coding & Game Design, and 3D Design during Before and After Camp Care.

Our staff will not be on-site before 8:30am and after 4:30pm.

Lunch & Recess! Daily lunch and recess with supervised physical games. Kids must have their own NUT-FREE snacks and lunches. Well have plenty of time for fun games during lunch and recess like Four Square, Spikeball, and Capture the Flag Laser Tag!

7:1 student-to-instructor ratio. Each instructor is a 2018-2019 Maker Fellow, trained in 21st Century Skills learning, the Engineering Design Process, and our award-winning Challenge Curriculum. Our Maker Fellowship program trains STEAM-mastery instructors in schools nationwide.

Cancellation: To cancel registration for a week of camp, MakerState must be notified 30 days prior to the start of that week of camp to receive a refund for the full balance of registration. Cancellation less than 30 days prior to the start of a week of camp will incure a $250 non-refundable cancellation fee. Any week that has already been paid for is transferable to family or friends.

At pick up time, photo ID will be required by whoever is picking up campers.

All camp programs may include projects from the following themes:

LEGO Robotics

Ozobot Robotics




Inventors Camp

Junior Engineers

Digital Arts

Camp Day Description:

Camp days start at 9:00am and runs through 4:00pm full of exciting STEM challenges! Each morning starts with a meeting to establish the two challenge builds of the day, introduce students to the keywords that will be used in describing the challenge, and explain the main concepts that will be covered. Engineers will dive into the morning challenge by brainstorming solutions as a class and researching methods through examining pre-built prototypes. Working in small groups, engineers will build their first prototype and playtest their design. Until lunch young engineers will iterate on their initial designs culminating in a presentation and a badge ceremony in which young engineers will be awarded a badge to commemorate their effort solving the problem.

After the morning challenge, young engineers will take a break to eat lunch and enjoy recess activities such as Four Square, Spikeball, and Capture the Flag Laser Tag! Returning from recess, students will start the second challenge of the day. Following the steps of the engineering design process outlined in the morning challenge. Afternoon projects will culminate in a parent presentation and a final badge ceremony.

9am Open Makerspace: exploring and creating with littleBits, MaKey MaKey, CircuitScribe, and Snap Circuits (the earliest time Staff will be accepting campers is 8:30am)

9:30am Circle Meeting: find out the Masterpiece well build this morning with a special emphasis on how its built, the STEM concept/skill the engineers will apply/learn when they build, and where they see this in the real world. Engineers will brainstorm solutions as a class that everyone can use.

9:45am Engineers receive their first Challenge. They will build the Masterpiece in collaborative groups or individually, with a break for a healthy snack in the middle

11:30am Break for lunch and physical play recess including games such as four square, spikeball, and capture the flag laser tag!

1pm Circle Meeting and another Challenge and Masterpiece building session in the afternoon

2:45pm Engineers build two Masterpieces each day that demonstrate their new interest and mastery of STEM concepts and skills. A circle debrief, in which we reflect upon our creativity and collaboration, ends the day.

3:00pm Circle Debrief: we reflect upon our creativity and collaboration and earn our badges.

3:30pm Free-format time to accommodate Parent Pick-up.

4:00pm Camp Closes.

Links to the other MakerState Summer Camp Events:

Upper West Side

Upper East Side

Lower East Side

Park Slope


1. Does MakerState have an Early Bird special discount?

Yes! Please order directly from our website to take advantage of the most up-to-date discounts and promotional offers.

2. Does MakerState have any special scholarships?

Due to more modest pricing this summer, we are not offering scholarships discounts this year.

3. Does MakerState offer one-day registration?

Yes. Please click HERE to register for individual days of camp.

4. What is the drop off time?

No earlier than 8:30am.

5. What is the pick-up time?

No later than 4:00pm.

6. What if I do not pick up my camper by 4:00pm?

Beginning at 4:00pm exactly our staff will attempt to contact every person on the campers list. If no one is reached our staff will remain with the camper until an authorized individual arrives to collect them. However, if this occurs the camper may be asked to leave for the remainder of the camp week with no refund offered for the remainder of that week.

7. How much screen time will the campers have?

Our programs focus on project-based learning combining both physical and digital aspects of challenge series. Students will spend an equal amount of time on computers compared to physical build activities as well as an hour and a half for lunch and recess activities.

8. What recess activities will the campers partake in?

Campers will have an hour and a half for lunch and recess. Well have plenty of time for fun games during lunch and recess like Four Square, Spikeball, and Capture the Flag Laser Tag!

9. Can I update my registration information?

Yes, you may update your information at any time before the MakerState summer camp week begins by logging into your Eventbrite account and editing the information.

10. Is it ok if the name on my registration doesn't match the person who attends?

Yes, it is ok if the registration name does not match the camper attending. Eventbrite does not allow us to edit the field on the purchasing registration name to clearly identify the camper's name, so the camper name was added as a required field per registration confirmation to help resolve this.

11. Is my registration for one week transferable to another week?

Yes, but there is a $20.00 fee for transferring to a different week of camp, as well as any difference in price between the weeks of camp.

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