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Leadership Conference 2017

Family Life Church - Lynchburg
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Nov 15 7:00PM - 9:00PM


Everyone is a leader in some capacity! If you're a manager, supervisor, pastor, department leader, parent, mentor, or role model, YOU ARE A LEADER! Join us as we dig deep and help you discover the leader in you. It's not about your current position, it's about your ability and goals.

There will be workshops, team building, special guest, food, and games. Everything is free. Childcare is available for evening sessions.


Wednesday - November 15th

7pm - General Session

Thursday - November 16th

10am - Workshops & General Session

7pm - General Session

Friday - November 17th

10am - Round Table Discussions & General Session

7pm - General Session


Session # 1:

  • Millennial Leadership-By 2025 millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce in America. Millennial leaders are dispelling myths, taking charge, reversing stereotypes, and impacting and influencing key areas of culture. A culture shift is happening and we must be prepared, armed, and ready to lead. Not only on our jobs, but in our churches!
  • Women in Leadership-You're not defined by your gender! As a woman, you must know that you are a powerful, capable, and strong individual. God has great plans for you. Learn with your peers how to actively contribute to the church, society, and other organizations in a positive way. Build meaningful relationships on your journey to becoming an authentic woman leader who balances the many hats you wear. Break down barriers and lead with a purpose.
  • Player vs Team-Is your name just another name on the roster or are you an active participant? Anyone can be a player, but it takes communication, personal accountability, and relationships to be apart of a team. In this workshop, learn how to be more engaging and active as a leader, while still delegating and utilizing the talents of player on your team.
  • Recruitment-To make the greatest impact, we must come together and work collaboratively. Not only in the workforce, but in the church, it is vital that we recruit for various areas on ministry and retain those individuals. In this workshop, learn to recognize potential, understand the spiritual gifts of others, and how to effectively utilize others to make great impact.

Session # 2:

  • What Kind of Leader Am I?-As a leader, you have the power to create breakthroughs. You can step into any situation, run with a vision, help create a vision, set goals, and guide others to achievement. But if you want to be your most effective as a leader, then you must understand your leadership style. Knowing your leadership style allows you to be more aware of your strengths and weaknesses. It allows you to know how your style shapes your values and perspectives. This understanding will allow you to strategically leverage your talents in your church, workplace, and home. You will communicate better with everyone you're surrounded by and recognize what types of environments in which you can truly thrive to be the best YOU!
  • How to Communicate Change-"Change" A word that some get excited about and a word that others despise. Change is often for a good reason, but is not always perceived that way by others at first. Learn how to communicate change effectively to ensure that the people you lead not only grasp the vision, but is excited about it! Change can take you to the next level. Buckle your seat belts and get ready for the launch. - it's YOUR season!
  • Church Culture -What is your church's DNA?-There is an estimated 350,000 churches in the United States. Every local church is unique. Each one is one of a kind. You can find a church with similarities based on common beliefs or methods, but no church is exactly alike. Every church has its own DNA. To understand your church, you must know it's DNA. You must ensure all the leaders and members also know it. Once you're aware of your church's DNA, you will thrive and be unstoppable!
  • How to Eliminate Distractions in Worship Services -Distractions are a real part of worship services. The goal of this session is to talk about how to eliminate or at least minimize distractions in your worship service. The session covers Five Distractions in Worship: 1. The curse of PowerPoint. 2. "We're singing that?" 3. Soundboard and lights. 4. Hi-tech or No-tech. 5. Quality over aesthetics.
  • Small Churches - BIG Impact- Just because your church is small does not mean you can't do good ministry. Churches should purposefully and intentionally equip members for ministry. In this workshop, we will discuss the pastor's role and the leader's role and how together you can develop others to do the work of ministry. In addition, we will discuss issues found most often in small churches. Lastly, we will discuss barriers to church growth.


Is there a registration fee for the Lead 2017 Conference?

There is no registration fee. Invite your friends, family members, and co-workers and be sure to tell them it is free!

How do I register? Will there be on-site registration?

You can register for the conference by clicking the link below. On site registration will be available during the conference; however, if possible, we ask that you pre-register, so we can properly prepare our staff and workshop speakers.

Do I have to attend Family Life Church in order to attend Lead 2017?

No, you do not have to attend Family Life Church in order to be a part of the leadership conference.Everyone is welcome!

Is there a dress code?

There is not a specific dress code for the conference.

Is childcare provided?

Yes. Childcare will be available for the evening sessions, free of charge. Be sure to register your child(ren) when you complete for conference registration. There will be no childcare available for day sessions.

I completed my online registration, but I need to make changes. What do I do?

In the event that you need to make any changes to your online registration, contact the administrative office atguestservices@familylifelynchburg.organd provide details of the changes that need to be made. Once the changes are complete, a staff member will provide an updated confirmation email.

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