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Leaders in Stilettos Presents: Ignite Your Feminine Fire

Doyenne Leadership Institute
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Dec 02 8:00AM - 4:00PM

What do you get when you bring together four fabulous women to speak from their hearts, share life lessons learned and wisdom gained, and share life-changing insights for loving and living a fully turned on and lit up life?

You get Ignite Your Feminine Fire! - a special half-day experience with The Fab Four, four amazing women, each fabulous in their own right. Ignite Your Feminine Fire! is designed to inner-gize your spirit, re-ignite your passion, power, inspiration, creativity and your Feminine Fire - that place within, from which you create and manifest.

On Saturday, July 8, from 8:30am to 12:00pm (with VIP Lunch and Q & A Panel, from 12:30 1:30pm), you are invited to join The Fab Four for a day of sisterhood, affirmation, illumination, and JUICY tools and tips for activating your Feminine Glow and Magnetism at the lovely Rolling Hills Ranch in San Diego, CA

Learn how to stoke your inner Feminine Fire, and power up your uniquely Feminine Core.

Get ready for a day of aha! moments, laughter, lively interaction, growth, and connection with other positive women who are ready to accelerate and elevate in their lives.

Session 1: Reclaim Your Power byDr. Nadia Brown - Co-Founder of, Womens Leadership Expert, International Speaker, Author, Business Strategist

In Dr. Nadias session, you will learn:

  • The power of your voice and how to speak up with no apologies
  • To identify areas in your life where you have been shrinking back or silencing your voice
  • To recognize the affect its having on you in life, love and business, and
  • To be more confident in your ability to take your power back

You can expect to feel and be more..

  • Unstoppable
  • Quietly Confident
  • Fierce
  • Free to live a bolder life, and
  • More Courageousin what you say and do

Session 2: Broadcast Your Brilliance byKim Coles - Award-winning Actress, Comedienne, Personal Growth Facilitator, Author

In Kims session, you will learn:

  • How to recognize the most impactful stories in your life
  • How to Shift Your Perspectivefrom Yucky to Yummy, and
  • The 4 Cs to crafting you super S-Hero Signature story with ease

Kim will show you how to:

  • Use your Mess to help get your Message Out" and In
  • Heal yourself and others, and leave a legacy
  • Grow your brand and your business, and connect with your soulmate clients.

Session 3: 6 Life-Changing Revelations for Living and Loving as a Juicy Woman byDebrena Jackson Gandy - Best-selling Author, Speaker, Relationships Coach, Juicy Woman, TV Show Host

In Debrenas session, you will learn:

  • How to consistently get a YES response from Life
  • How to renew and restore you inner Juiciness
  • To shift from a masculine style of making things happen to a more relaxed, feminine style of attracting and manifesting
  • To decrease the rippin and runnin and understand how to better glow and flow in life, love and business

You can expect to feel and be more..

  • Powered up in your feminine core, and experience more ease and flow
  • Juicy and sensuous
  • Magnetic, energized, and in touch with your Feminine Power
  • Able to draw to you (opportunities, men, divine synchronicities) with more ease, instead of pursuing, rat-racing and chasing

Session 4: The Confident Creatress byAlycia Huston Co-founder of, Leadership Mentor, Speaker, & Author

In Alycia session, you will learn to:

  • Show up as your own s-hero;
  • End self-victimization and self-sabotage
  • Improve your relationship or marriage
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Gain clarity on how to BE in your feminine allure, consistently
  • Leave mediocrity behind and operate from an elevated mindset instead

You will be blessed to emerge feeling and being:

  • A woman who is more conscious of her value
  • Centered and grounded
  • Ready to meet life with more skill and grace
  • A woman who commands (NOT demands) high regard in all areas of her life
  • More self-assured in all facets of your life, and
  • A woman who exudes more confidence in her body, presentation and energy

General admission includes:

1 Half day event from 8:00a 12:00p at the lovely Rolling Hills Ranch

2 Continental Breakfast

3 Special attendee gift

4 Powerful sessions by the Fab Four that will activate and illuminate you

OR upgrade to VIP and join the Fab Four for Lunch and a special Q & A Session which includes the event plus VIP Lunch and a special Q & A Panel with the Fab Four from 12:30 2:00pm.

Space is limited

Be one of the first 15 to register and receive a special BONUS Feminine Fire Power E-Pack filled with resources from all four speakers

For questions, please contact Dr. Nadia at or Alycia Huston at

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