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Le Pied Du Mont Boucherie Festival

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Apr 14 8:00AM - 4:00PM

Welcome to the first annual "Le Pied Du Mont Boucherie Festival." Located in the Piedmontregion of Georgia. This festival is a fundraiser and educational gathering of butchers, chefs, and farmers coming together to celebrate the start of our spring growing season and support of STAG VETS INCs', Agro-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program to help combat veterans, transition effectively into civilianlife on (Comfort Farms) The nations first Acute Crisis Veterans Agriculture Center.

The Boucherie festival is a two-day educationalevent where each ticket covers two individuals for the two-dayfestival. In addition, your ticket gives you and yourguest a share of the livestock and freshproduce selected for the event. The festival is designed to bring the community together to witness the craft of our butchers, farmers, and chefs who work together throughout the growing season to prepare seasonal deliciousmeals from local, sustainable and organic sources.

The education will consist of safe handling of livestock, humane dispatch, how to evaluate a healthy carcass, butchering techniques, understanding our growing season, identifying problems and solutions for a more healthy food system and how our veterans can take an active role to providing food security for our local communities.


April 14th*

8:00 am- Opening Remarks, Welcome to Le Pied Du Mont Boucherie Festival

8:30 am- Understanding how to Raise and Process Rabbits

9:00 am- Farmers Market opens

9:30 am- Understanding how to Raise and Process Lamb

10:00 am- Farm Tour

11:00 am- Understanding how to Raise and Process Pigs

1:00 pm- Farmers Market ends

3:00 pm- Low Country Boil

April 15th*

6:00 am- Meet and Greet on the pasture

6:30 am- Recite the Butchers Prayer at First Light

7:00 am- Ceremonial Boucherie Pig harvest

7:30 - 11:30 am- Chefs, Butchers, Farmers and Veterans preparation of the ceremonialharvest

12:00 pm- 1st Raffle draw

1:00-3:00 pm- Educational harvest and regional wine tasting

3:30 pm- Final Raffle Draw

4:00 pm- Closeout to the Le Pied Du MontFestival

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