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Last minute - Waterfalls and Tunnels bushwhacking adventure

The Portland Hiking Meetup Group
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Endorsed by Curators:
Aug 12 8:00AM - 9:00AM

TOTAL DISTANCE:Depends, but let's say 8 miles

ELEVATION GAIN:Also depends, but let's say 2000'

PACE:Not rushed plus stopping for pictures at the waterfalls


ESTIMATED HIKING TIME:~ 5+ hours (maybe more, maybe less)

PERMITS(drivers):Northwest Forest Pass

CARPOOLING:We will organize carpooling at Tualatin Park&Ride when we meet on Saturday. Please be on-time for prompt departure. Total round trip driving distance totrailheadis about 80 miles. We suggest a gas donation of 10 cents/mile/person or $8. Exact change makes it easier to divide among drivers. Nobody will be turned around for their inability to contribute.

DESCRIPTION: Going over old notes, I found some Geocache info for three waterfalls located along the Memaloose Creek close to the Clackamas River. Doing a bit of research, I found there are actually 6 or 7 waterfalls not too far apart in that area. What's even more intriguing is the history to this area. Seems like the city water works had an hydroelectric project on the area so they blasted tunnels in the rock to run pipes. Currently there's a proposal to build a trail system that connects all the waterfalls and uses the tunnels but that hasn't happened yet. To me it's ripe for some exploration even with the fact that the access road is currently closed due to a washout. Here's the deal, we will start on a bridge over the Clackamas continuing on an old forest road to an unmarked "trailhead" From there we will descend into the canyon which will require using some ropes other hikes have left behind (hopefully). Once down at creek level we should find our first waterfall. From there we will continue downstream to a point where another creek joins. There's supposed to be a walkable bridge there. From there we will explore upstream on the second tributary as far as we can go. At minimum we will get to a big waterfall, at best, we will explore 4 of them. We will then retrace our steps back to the bridge but continue downstream to the last waterfall close to the Clackamas. There might be a foot path along the river to head back to the bridge which would be a better option than backtracking and having to climb out of the canyon. So, if you are still (hopefully) reading, thee will be bushwhacking, getting your feet wet, exploring dark tunnels and overall fun. I do plan on bringing a tripod to take pictures of the waterfalls if you like doing that, please bring your gear.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an off trail route, we will be bushwhacking and finding our path. You have to be comfortable with that. Also, We will spend a bit of time at the waterfalls taking pictures. Consider this when you RSVP. If bushwhacking or navigating thru the woods is not your thing, then this might not be the event for you

WAITLIST AND NO-SHOW:I've set up the group size limit to 4 and the waitlist is automatic. That means that, if a spot opens up, the first in the list gets the spot automatically. If your plans change at any point, PLEASE take yourself of the list and allow somebody else to take your spot. I will check the final list no later than 10PM the night before, if you are in the list and don't show up, you'll be marked as a no show. I may add up to 4 extra spots manually.


- Good hiking shoes or boots

- Long pants

- Headlamp

- A pack towel

-An extra warm layer

- Sunglasses and sunscreen

- Trekking poles

- Food & water

A word about my hiking style:

I'm never in a rush to get somewhere fast so my pace is usually between 2 and 2.5 miles/hour with frequent stops to take pictures. I also like to make a stop for lunch, preferably somewhere where we can sit down and enjoy the surroundings. I like exploring and checking out viewpoints or other interesting things while sticking to the plan. In some of my hikes (especially if the word "adventure" is included in the title) we'll go off-trail which requires some navigation, route finding and bushwhacking. When doing so, I take routes that I have researched, havewaypointson myGPSand/or have a map. I can get a bit disoriented but unless I say we're lost, we're not. Be patient and I'll find a route.

While hiking, unless I say otherwise or if we are bushwhacking, I like to keep a loose point and sweep system where anybody can be upfront (point) or behind (sweep). When doing so if you are ahead you are point and should stop at every fork or intersection to regroup. If you are last, you are sweep and should maintain awareness that nobody is behind you.

How to find us:Look for a red Mazda 3

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