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King Ravine

Manchester Millennials
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Aug 12 5:00AM - 6:00AM

PLEASE READ: This one is a bit of an adventure! Titled it King Ravine instead of Mount Adams because the White Mountain guide describes the route as "One of the most spectacular trails in the White Mountains". There are boulders, a waterfall, and definitely many views. The main summit goal is Mount Adams and the likely plan is to hit Madison on the same ridge line on the way back

For some perspective for folks that have done Lafayette. Its about 1 hour and and 1000 more feet of elevation gain over getting to the top of little haystack.

My route plan is to start at the Appalachia trail head go up the Air line to the Short Line then up the Ravine and meet back up with the Air line to summit Adams. This is estimated and 4 and a half hours (prob 5 for the group) and is 4500ft of elevation gain. Because of how steep it is we will not come down the same way.
The way back I would like to do some more research on. Definitely want to go back towards the Madison Hut which will give us a chance to Summit Madison as well. seems like Valley way might be a safe bet to come back down to the same trailhead at the parking lot

NOTE: This is a fair weather hike and will be rescheduled given bad weather

The tricky part to this whole thing is timing. Takes a tad under 2 hours to get to the trail head from say the Bass Pro shop in Hooksett. So... we kinda need to be at the carpool early to summit a reasonable amount of time. Like crack of dawn early, which is normally not my cup of tea! For hikes I make exceptions, though. Suggested carpool time is going to be at *gasp* 5AM. Maybe pack breakfast to go? I might just consider heading up Friday evening and figuring something out to make it easier

Would say that this is for folks that have been on serious hikes before like the Lafayette hike that the group did a couple of weeks ago. So, if you know what your in for and are physically up for it, this is a great chance to have some people to go with. Shooting for the pace to be steady. As opposed to fast or frequent stops. I like to take pictures along the way and would prefer no one get hurt rushing. Which is why I'm marking this as an early bird special.

Bring at least 2 liters of water and footwear thats suitable for rocks of all kinds. Probably more to be said what to bring and not bring, those are the important ones in my mind

Feel free to pm me or comment any questions about the hike below if you're unsure about anything. I'll find some online trail descriptions and link them. I'm just going by the White Mountain Guide

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