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Kickboxing/Boxing Class Saturdays 10am - punch & kick into your POWer

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Endorsed by Curators:
Feb 10 10:00AM - 11:00AM

Ever wanted to truly feel your power?! This is it!! Have you ever wanted to learn kickboxing & boxing safely because you've heard what a fantastic full body workout it is, but never knew where to do it?

We have a Saturday-only 10am workout taught by female Black Belts & certified fitness pros -- just for you!

Reconnect to your inner power through your body. Most women haven't ever punched or kicked before and once they connect to that power -- they're never the same! BAM!

Cardio KickBoxing/Boxing/HIIT Training/Heavy Bags/Bands/Balls - all fitness levels are welcome. And we've made it totally affordable for anyone who wants to get into shape at just $15/class!! Saturdays 10am. Pay in cash, CC or PayPal here (

We focus on proper technique and movements that are not only functional, but use your entire body. Get back to the essence of YOU - no distractions just you fully present and connected with your body. You in your full power.

No martial arts experience necessary, seriously. And you wont feel like a dork. Promise.

We dont yell at you, but we might encourage you to push yourself beyond what you thought you could.

We wont make you compete with other people, but we might make you feel really proud of yourself. You might find your own swagger.

Work all muscle groups with unique drills including bands, balls, TABATA intervals, HIIT, boxing, kicking, and safe instruction.

Heavy bags for added resistance work!

Youve heard of HIIT training? This is it. HIIT while Hitting It. High Intensity Interval Training in Boxing/Kickboxing is just ONE of the things we do in our classes, and leading interval training classes since 2002. We love it!

About us:
United Martial Arts Center - Weve been leading boxing/kickboxing for cardiovascular fitness in the Denver area since 1996: safely, effectively, and with a cooperative community atmosphere where people feel supported, not judged. We have raving fans that are a part of the community in and around Denver for 20 years. Our program is overseen by certified Black Belt Master Level Instructors and our certified instructors truly care about your safety, body, and proper technique and will help you properly get you into shape while teaching you basic self defense and martial arts skills.
Kicking and punching to musickeeps you moving and gets you in shape FOR YOUR LIFE.

Proven to be one of the fastest ways to burn calories, increase lean muscle mass, rev up your metabolism, increase fast twitch muscles, increase your energy!
Its fun, and it can burn up to 600 calories per hour!
We are working out of the studio inside Farrells Extreme Bodyshaping 7500 S. University Blvd. #105 (corner of University and Dry Creek)
Bring gloves if you got 'em, or we've got some to lend out!

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