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Kentuckiana IAHCSMM Chapter Meeting & VENDOR FAIR

Karen Owens
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Apr 14 7:30AM - 3:00PM

Kentuckiana IAHCSMM Chapter Meeting and VENDOR FAIR

April 14, 2018

Jewish Hospital

201 Abraham Flexner Way, Louisville, KY

Rudd Heart & Lung Building, Conference Center

(Top Floor, use CC button in elevator)

Registration 0730 8 am Light Breakfast provided

Rose Seavey is President/CEO of Seavey Healthcare Consulting and formerly the Director of the Sterile Processing Department at The Childrens Hospital of Denver. Rose served on the AORN Board in 2008-2010. Rose is a past President ASHCSP. She received numerous awards such as AORNs award for Mentorship in 2012 and Outstanding Achievement in Nurse Education in 2001. In addition, she received the national IAHCSMM award of Honor in 2013, the Industry Leadership Award from the Massachusetts chapter (2012) and the educator of the year award from the Golden West chapter (2013). She was one of the Whos Who in Infection Prevention in 2006 by Infection Control Today. Ms. Seavey is the author of the book tilted Sterile Processing In Healthcare Facilities: Preparing for Accreditations Surveys, published by AAMI and she serves on several AAMI committees writing standards.

0800 - 0915 Speaker Rose Seavey

SPD Accreditation Surveys: Are you at Ready? (1.5 hr)

Healthcare accreditation processes are conducted with a focus on safety and quality of patient care. Sterile processing in health care facilities has become an increasingly larger focus of the accreditation survey process.

This presentation is intended to help health care professionals prepare for a Joint Commission (TJC), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), or other accrediting agency survey as it relates to sterile processing of surgical instruments and other medical devices in health care settings.


  1. Identify accreditation standards that pertain to sterile processing in health care facilities.
  2. Describe nationally accepted standards and recommended practices that constitute best practices in sterile processing.
  3. Develop a tool or template for how to prepare for an accreditation survey relating to sterile processing.

0915 1015 Rose Seavey

The Wild, Wild West of SPD! (1 hr)

The Sterile Processing (SP) areas differ in their physical design, location, equipment, and in the level of personnel expertise, competence and training. Many sterile processing activities occur in areas separate from the location where terminal sterilization is actually carried out. There are no real industry-wide standards and no real way to enforce compliance. In some instances, it is like the wild, wild west uncontrolled, and untamed. The changing landscape in todays healthcare environment will demand healthcare providers abide by a new set of territorial laws (a.k.a standards and recommended practices). The old gunslinger way of doing things and statements like this is how we do it in My Town or this is how we have always done here in River City wont cut it anymore.

This presentation will explore the new frontier of sterile processing in any setting; sterile processing departments, operating rooms, GI labs, ambulatory surgery centers, office-based, and dental clinics, helping to shed light on the territorial disputes. The need for strong leadership and new regulatory requirements will be addressed.


  1. Recognize the need for standardization and the importance of following evidence-based practices in any reprocessing setting.
  2. Identify key published standards and recommended practices for safe and effective reprocessing of reusable patient care items
  3. Describe key elements to consider regarding necessary resources and support for Sterile Processing


1100 1230 Lunch and continue Vendor Fair

1230 1:45 Speaker David Jagrosse

DAVID JAGROSSE Curriculum Vitae

  • 25+ years of experience in CSSD/SPD as Technician, Supervisor, and Manager

  • Current CSS Manager at Middlesex Hospital, Middletown, CT
  • Certified through the IAHCSMM. CRCST. CHL
  • Member (2006) and Chairman (2007), ASHCSP Recognition Committee
  • Active voting member of the AAMI Standards Work Group 40 (ST:79) that develops guidelines within CSSD
  • Active member of IAHCSMM. Member Orthopedic Council. Speaker at 2010. 2016.2017 Annual meetings.
  • Published Articles:

Communique, Infection Control Today, Healthcare Purchasing news, AAMI Horizons,

  • President: David Jagrosse Consulting LLC offering educational presentations, published articles and consultant services to CSS/OR audiences throughout the world. Presentations in China, Singapore, Thailand Germany, France, United Arab Emirates, Japan, India, Canada, Australia, South Korea. 25 average presentations annually ion the U.S.A.

Teamwork and Communication throughout the CSSD and beyond (1.5 hr)

This program covers an entire the entire process for forecasting procedures and the relationships around acquiring the necessary instrumentation for the day of surgery. A case study of proven successes at Middlesex hospital are reviewed and discussed


  • Discuss and define Teamwork
  • Discuss and define Communication
  • Case Study of process at Middlesex hospital (USA CT)
  • Forcasting the schedule
  • Team Huddles
  • Scripting with Vendors
  • Drop off log in dept
  • Day of surgery and post case considerations

1:45 3:00 Speaker David Jagrosse

Wet Packs: Time to Reprocess (1.5 hr)

This program covers all the variables and conditions that lead to wet packs during sterilization.

Topics covered are Engineering, utilities, steam quality CSS variables such as wrapping and cart loading techniques.

A wet pack check list is included with the program and other tools and ideas on monitoring and solving this issue.


  • Identify specific products to alleviate problem
  • Identify common CSS/SPD mistakes
  • Set configurations
  • Packaging considerations
  • Loading the sterilizer
  • Identify wet pack causes
  • Unloading the sterilizer
  • Storage and handling

After the speakers there will be a short chapter meeting. If you have not renewed your dues for this year or would like to join our chapter please bring your $10 fee, thank you and we look forward to seeing you there! Light breakfast and lunch will be provided.

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