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Kangoo Boot Camp Saturday in Braintree!!

Kangoo Jumps Fitness Club
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Endorsed by Curators:
Aug 12 9:00AM - 10:00AM

Kangoo Boot Camp Program:

Is a Military Style, activity based training program for group fitness. Intervals of running and dril style aerobic activity interspersed with conditioning exercise make up the base of this workout. This format improves muscle strength and endurance as it improves cardio-respiratory fitness.Depending on the fitness level, terrain challenges and/or plyometric conditioning activities can be added as an additional challenge. Because this fitness program usually takes place outdoors, environmental changes such as weather and temperature vary with each session. These variations can be used to the advantage of the instructor to add variety to each and every class.

Organizer/Event Host:

Wendel Cunha

Kangoo Jumps Instructor:
Wendel Cunha

Sponsored by:
Kangoo Club Massachusetts.

Cardio Level:
Intensity Workout

Burning Calories:

[masked] calories


470 Liberty st.

Braintree-MA 02184


They have a public parking

$15.00 with Kangoo Jumps rental - $10.00 without rental, * Special rate pricing avail to members only.

Attendance Limit:
20 members, limit may increase as needed later.

Bring 2 pairs of thick socks, similar to those you would wear hiking (wool or wicking) & water.

Kangoo Rental Sizes:

Small - Womens 4-7 or Mens 3-5
Medium - Womens 7,5-9 Mens 6-8
Large - Womens 10-12 Mens 9-11
XLarge - Womens 12+, Mens 12-15

Action Required After RSVP:
Please add your Kangoo size to the comments board so that I can arrange to have them onsite for the class.

Please use text when contacting me if poss.

Misc but Important:
- Please don't video tape anyone the without their consent, pics are fine.

- There is no secure place to put your things, open lockers are right by the front door so leave your valuables in car or at home.

- Bring cash/exact change (if possible) to expedite - Bring a healthy snack with you for the ride home.

- You can not just show up at this event without an RSVP. Kangoos are brought to the location based on your RSVP & size + class size must be controlled due to type of activity. Prereqs:
Anyone with basic concepts of aerobics and enjoys a intensity cardio workout.

- The shoes are easy to keep balance, it is not like a roller or ski because they are flat.


During all events, everyone is responsible for themselves. The meet up organizers, assistant organizers, event hosts and sponsors are not responsible for the safety of participants. By joining this meetup group you acknowledge and agree with this statement.

How to find us:facebook/kangooclubmassachusetts

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