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Jourdan River - then splash around in Catahoula Creek

Mississippi Kayaking Meetup Group
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Sep 16 8:30AM - 3:30PM

An easy, though longish paddle. This is a favorite paddle of mine in the warmer months. It is a blast to soak in the cooling waters while the sun above is scorching and the 2-3 inch bream (fish) gather about us.

Anticipate a 10 - 11 miles total paddle distance. We will be in the semi-protected waters on the upper Jourdan River for about 4.5 miles until we get to the remote white sands and shallow water peacefulness of Catahoula Creek where we may paddle or walk & drag kayaks in the cool waters over sandy shallows.

The paddlers from our June trip on the very flooded Jourdan River.

Plastic kayaks are suggested on this trip due to the numerous snags, downed logs, & strainers which we must avoid in the tannin waters upriver before entering Catahoula Creek. Fiberglass kayaks can make it ok by closely watching the water for stumps. Pedal craft would probably need to paddle after about 2 miles due to depth & obstacles. Canoes and paddle boards are welcome if you are good with the distance.

Note: Kayaks shorter than 12 ft may have trouble keeping up so please bring the appropriate length kayak. 14 ft would be optimal though several of us regularly use 17 ft plastic kayaks to go up Catahoula Creek.

Let's meet at 0830 at the grassy area boat launch at the east end of Lake Shore Drive and be underway shortly thereafter.

There is a nominal entry fee for the park - $4/vehicle. The park does not have an official website that I can find. There is camping at the park - call the park directly @[masked] for specific questions about camping.

Bring water and a snack. The water is clear in the shallows with the white sand beaches.

I am not setting a return time as it depends on if we want to hang out or do a quick turn. Anticipate a 5 - 6 hour leisurely paddle, play in the water, snack, bird watching, and return to the park.

As with all MeetUp paddles, all paddlers accept responsibility for their own safety and will practice basic water safety by wearing a PDF when on the water, and abstain from alcohol (and/or drugs) prior to and while kayaking/boating.

PS - There are a couple local hang outs in Kiln where we can grab a beer or po-boy after finishing the paddle.

How to find us:Let's try this paddle again IF the summer floods have subsided !! If not, I have an alternate idea for a nearby paddle.

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