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Join Beyond the Track @ MSR Cresson on April 14

Beyond the Track
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Apr 14 6:00AM - 6:00PM

What we'll do
We will be putting into practice some of the things we have been talking about at the Beyond the Track off-track meetups. Let's go to the track with a plan of things we want to work on and help out each other to make sure we stick to our plans. Let's exchange notes and chat about our learnings and difficulties. Having a plan will also help you out working with the instructors.

What to bring
Bring a notebook with your plans, and a pen to write down your observations throughout the day.

Important to know
If you're not sure how to make a plan for your track day, start a discussion here on meet-up, and we'll help you out! The most important take away here is to come prepared to your track day, make the most out of it, help out other riders, and also learn from them.

How to find us:We'll get set up next to each other so to make it easy for us to work together on own plans throughout the day.

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