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Irvine Amtrak to San Diego

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Apr 28 7:30AM - 8:30PM

This is one of the "best" cycling adventures in California.

It is also one of the most beautiful and easier distance rides with only one major hill, Torrey Pines. With many Beaches along the way.

We will start at the Irvine Amtrak Station and head South going thru San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, San Clemente, San Onofre, Camp Pendleton ( You need to show I.D. to get in, and now register with Camp Pendleton Website) or ride the Freeway much faster and so cool to ride on and safe to with the very wide shoulder and rumble strip in-between.

Camp Pendleton Bike Access Link:

Then we sit down for Lunch overlooking the Harbor in Oceanside. Or we can stop at the Tin Fish Cafe below the Pier and there is a coffee shop near there too. WE could also just stop at Seven Eleven for snacks

Then we head South again going thru Carlsbad, Encinitas, Solona Beach (Potential bailout there taking Amtrak back), Del Mar and beautiful La Jolla where the 'hill' is. Its really not that bad, I've read it was a 5 to 6% Grade and about 1 1/2 mile up. Lately we have been taking the bike trail next to it thru the park. It starts a little steeper but smooths out real soon and then it is easier and more comfortable.

So if you can do the distance, 85 miles, you can do the hill.

This is definitely an intermediate+ ride for someone who has done a 'recent' 50 to 60 mile ride. Last time I only averaged 13.7 mph for the whole distance so were not going fast but we do need to keep hydrating and snacking to keep up our energy level. Bring shot blocks and power bars, etc.

I will schedule a 50 to 60 mile , ramp it up, ride 2 or 3 weeks ahead of that so we can all be ready. In the meantime we will be doing some 40 milers. Are you up for this great ride?

See the route:

I am posting my Garmin data from the ride on May 19th, 2012 so you can have some idea about the ride.

So get ready for one of the all time best rides of the year. Ramp up your distance, talk it up, get excited, and sign up today. So I know how many to plan for.

Return transportation: There are a few options. Last time we drove down the day before and parked some vehicles at the Airport to come back in. Some had their spouses drive down and pick them up. Some may want to take the Amtrak train back. Some may stay overnight and take the train back the next day.
Also there is the COASTER Train but you would have to change trains in Oceanside but it could be used as a backup. See the schedule:

We will also eat again at Karl Strauss Brewing Co. when arriving in San Diego as it is only 2 blocks from the Amtrak Station.

Lunch in Oceanside: We will be stopping in Oceanside to sit down and have Lunch overlooking the Harbor.

There is a restaurant 'row' on the South Side of the Harbor. Last time we ate at the first one on the East side of the 'row' called the "Beach Break" at 280 Harbor Drive. Turn in the first driveway past Joe's Crab Shack. We will eat and regroup there. If it's to crowded we will move on. Some will bring there own food and that's fine too. But let's try to make it a quick stop. we still have anther 40 miles to go.

Meet at Beach Break at the green arrow:

So post this on your 'Calendar' now and get ready for a really "Fun Ride" to San Diego.

Happy Cycling!! Wahooo!!! Robert

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