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Introduction to React.js

Girl Develop It Los Angeles
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Feb 10 9:00AM - 2:00PM

Join us for a hands-on intro toReact, a popular front-end library developed by Facebook and used by companies like Netflix, Flipboard, and Khan Academy!

What You'll Learn

This workshop will introduce you to the basic concepts you need to understand and work with React:

What is React and why use it?
Working with components and the component lifecycle
JSX syntax and features
Props and state
The virtual DOM


You should be experienced with the basics of HTML and CSS -- we highly recommend taking ourIntro to HTML/CSS classfirst, which is happening on Saturday/Sunday October 7th and October 8th.

You should also be very comfortable with the basics of programming in JavaScript -- we highly recommend first taking ourIntro to JavaScript classon Saturdays October 14th and October 21st.

You might also find it helpful to review a video of Natalie's talk with her business partner, Nathan, called "Before you React", which covers some of the basics of JavaScript that you should brush up on and be familiar with.Video is hereandslides are here.

What to Bring

Please bring a laptop (or borrow one, see below!)* and charger to class. Power outlets and wifi will be provided. You may also wish to bring a notepad and pen/pencil for taking notes.

We'll be using be usingGoogle Chromein class and we'll be using theChrome ReactJS extension. If you don't already have Chrome and the ReactJS extension installed, please install them before you come to class!

For a text editor, we recommendSublime Text 3.Note that you do not have to purchase Sublime Text 3. If you download the free evaluation version that will be good enough for class.

* Request to borrow a laptop:No laptop? We have a limited number of laptops we can loan to students during class. Please fill out ourLaptop Request formto let us know you need to borrow one!


We're here to help! If you have additional questions or would like to talk further before signing up for a class, please contact us at losangeles [at] girldevelopit dot com.

About Our Teacher: Natalie MacLees

Natalie MacLees is a front-end web developer and UI designer and is founder + principal of the interactive agency,Purple Pen Productions. She's been coding and building websites since 1996. She is the author of jQuery for Designers, now in its second edition. She's also the co-founder of the Los Angeles chapter of Girl Develop It, bringing affordable and accessible coding classes to the community. She makes her online home

No Refunds

If you can no longer attend the class you signed up and paid for, your payment will be donated to the local chapter scholarship fund. You can help another woman in need!

Other Disclaimers

Our program and curriculum are geared toward adults over the age of 18. At this time we do not accept minors as students in our courses and workshops.

If you have any accessibility issues we should know about, please email us at losangeles [at] girldevelopit dot com. We want to make sure everyone can participate!

Our events are women-inclusive, not women-exclusive. Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to attend our events and classes.All attendees are expected to abide by theGirl Develop It Code of Conduct.

Volunteer as a Teacher Assistant

If you're already familiar with the basics of React, you can earn free classes by participating as a Teaching Assistant. Every hour you spend volunteering as a TA earns you a free hour of class time! Get more details and sign up to be a TA by filling out this form:

Directions / Parking / Public Transit

We highly recommend taking public transportation, since our venue is right next to the Metro stop! And remember, if you don't live near a Metro stop, you can park your car at Metro's Park & Ride lotsand then take the train downtown.

If you prefer to drive, there are several paid parking lots a short walk away; see thisparking mapfor suggestions:

</a><a href="">

Sponsor: Cross Campus Downtown LA

A big thanks toCross Campuscoworking space for hosting our class!

Cross Campus Downtown LAis offering Girl Develop It one free month of coworking membership. See below for details.

Your complimentary membershipwill give you access to the entire 2nd floor,Monday-Fridayfrom9am-6pmfor onemonthat ourDTLAlocation. Upon your arrival you will get a complimentary membership card. Keep youcardon you as you are required to show it every time you come in. In addition to workspace you will have access to our rejuvenation room, showers,memberonly happy hours and lunches.

To take advantage, send an email to[masked]and mention Girl Develop It LA!

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