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Intimate Conversations: The Power of Embodied Awareness

Couples and Intimacy Seekers Collective
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Nov 15 7:00PM - 8:30PM

Frustrated with not being understood?
Finding yourself bogged in conflicts with your partner that zap your energy?
Wanting to gain some insight and practices that increase your connectedness and intimate/sexual satisfaction?

Did you know that relationship satisfaction is based significantly on the art and practice of a conscious, attuned approach and intimate responsiveness? That much of relational success depends substantially on the quality of our attention to how we send and receive the messages we want understood? Since communication is primarily non-verbal, emotional tone, body language, posture, movement, eye contact, touch, proximity and distance matter. In this meet-up, we will primarily attend to the non-verbal aspects of our communications.

Join us every first and third Wednesday to grow more skillful approaches and responses that bring more intimacy and passion to your relationship life! We'll play, learn and gather embodied, intimate understanding and wisdom, together !!

Come, with or without a partner, to:

*Increase Intimacy, Passion and Fun in your Relational Life

*Build your Confidence and strengthen your emotional well-being

*Communicate clearly and effectively (and get more of what you desire as a result!)

*Make Conflict work for your relationships (learn to fight like friends, NOT enemies)

*Explore, Express and Allow Authenticity

We will have different themes each meet-up and invite expert speakers to present and lead.

Bring your partner, your friends and your open mind.

Have fun while learning and making some new friends !!

You can make this your Date Night!

Warmly yours,

Michael, Amanda and Victoria

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