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Inner-City Yoga Retreat with Radhanath Swami

The Bhakti Center
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Endorsed by Curators:
May 20 7:00AM - 5:30PM


with Radhanath Swami

a fundraiser for The Bhakti Center

(also featuring Dana Flynn, Syama, Dhyana, Virabhadra ram, Jai Giridhari, & Julie Pasqual)

date saturday, may. 20

time 7:00-5:30pm

location the bhakti center

admission suggested donations
Contributor - $108
Benefactor - $250
Patron - $400
(see more donor information below)

register and donate here


7:00 8:00 amDeep Into the Holy Name with Jai & Vira: A powerful meditation session taking the mind to higher vibrations through mantra.

8:15-9:15amDevotion in Motion: Join Laughing Lotus founder, Dana Flynn, for a Lotus Flow style of yoga class around the theme of devotion,mixing poetry, movement and music in a way that is raw and genuine, and somehow makes it all fit together in a warm, welcome and inclusive atmosphere.

9:30-10:30amBreakfast: stewed apples/ chia oatmeal/ fruit

10:30-11:00amKirtan: The entire group comes together as one through a powerful musical meditation of mantra.


11:15am-12:45pm Dharma talk by Radhanath Swami: Join the best selling author and leading proponent of Bhakti-yoga for a discussion on how, by focusing on three aspects of spirituality sadhana(personal practice),sanga(spiritual community), andseva(service), one can transform their spiritual life, even while living in a modern urban environment.

1:00-2:00pmLunch: Kitcheri, Baked Veggies with Tahini Sauce, Biscuits, Salad, Carrot cake

2:00-2:30pmBhakti Center Slide Show: For those interested in becoming stronger supporters of The Bhakti Center, this slide show will help you understand where we were, where we have come from, and futuregoals, as well as how you could help, both in terms of funds and services.


  • Option 1 Relationships: Exploringthe 6 Loving Exchanges of Bhakti with Syama & Dhyana We explore the value of spiritual association (sangha) and how it inspires and encourages us to maintain our spiritual life. We learn the six symptoms of a loving relationships, explore the necessity of such exchanges to develop the support, strength, and determination to succeed in spiritual life, and make a plan to increase the practice of these exchanges.
  • Option 2 Asana and Storytelling with Julie Pascal In this workshop we will hear of the very embodiment of service Hanuman, explore questions such as, If you were given greatpowers, would you use thosegifts forpersonal gain live toserve others with them? Thenworkshop participants will movethrough yoga poses that will open their hearts, and leave them ready for Hanuman-like service!
4:15-5:00pmQuestions & Answers with Radhanath Swami: A special opportunity to place questions to an important spiritual leader.

5:00 5:30pmClosing Kirtan: Wrap upthe transformation of the day through joining together in musical mantra.

The Retreat

The yoga tradition is a storehouse of treasures for the body mind and soul. The Bhakti Centers Inner-City Yoga Retreat is a day-long experience of some of those treasures shared bya unique group of teachers, including world renowned spiritual leader Radhanath Swami, Laughing Lotus Yoga founder Dana Flynn and The Bhakti Centers own talented staff including Syama & Dhyana Masla, Virabhadra Ram, Jai Giridhari and Julie Pasqual.It will be a great day of practicing and learning with teachers who have each spent many years walking an authentic yoga path. The retreat will include asana, meditation, kirtan and a spiritual themed drama featuring the Bhakti Centers drama troupe b centered theater and fantastic vegetarian meals.

The Fundraiser

The Inner-City Yoga Retreat is an Opportunity to Support The Bhakti Center in its Efforts to Take its Service to the Next Level

Over the past months The Bhakti Center has put some of our long-term financial challenges in the review mirror. A lot ofgood new things are happening now and were poised to launch some great new programs & initiatives. But first wewant to make some important improvements to the building.

Your donation to participate in the retreat will go to
  • Building a 1st floor reception/info area to welcome and serve guests
  • Building a lounge area in the back of the Temple
  • Repainting the temple room, hallways & 5th floor Studio
  • Repairing our leaking roof
If you feel benefited by the programs and community at The Bhakti Center, please consider making a genourous contribution.

For The Inner-City Bhakti Retreatwe ask for a donation on one of three levels.
Contributor - $108
Benefactor - $250
Patron - $400

All students must be registered online for this class.

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