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Indigenous Right Relationships with Pulxaneeks

Awakened Woman Convergence
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Oct 12 4:00PM - 6:00PM

Receive a more whole hearted understanding of what it means to be in right relationship with Indigenous peoples and what right use of privilege is and how to cultivate it ~ In this interactive workshop i will offer pointers & tips on how to relate with Indigenous people, shine light & understanding upon things you may not realize are offensive, as well as offer suggestions on how to cultivate a harmonious connection ~ All that is offered is sourced from the story of my Ancestry & the long term, very real, now-time impact of all thats come before as well as a vision of the future were working towards ~ This is a roots up, heart centered approach to honoring Indigenous relations building.


Pulxaneeks is the Indigenous Right Relationship Director from the Eagle Clan of the Haisla First Nation. With a background in cultural reclamation based youth outreach, Pulxaneeks (Pul-ha-neeks) is a skilled facilitator and grew up with the Indigenous environmental youth organization called Rediscovery.

Pulxaneeks was raised both on and off the Indigenous village she was born to and grew up being exposed to both Indigenous and non Indigenous cultures. Her most recent development is based entirely on the unique understanding that has come from being exposed to both cultures and from this came the development of this offering, Indigenous Right Relationship.

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