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Identity Theft & Credit Scores: An increasing OPPORTUNITY to make big profits..

The Outback Real Estate Investment Network-Charlotte, NC
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Nov 15 6:45PM - 7:45PM

Hello Outbackers...

Based on the low level of registrations for this critically important subject, I have modified the topic to attract far more interest...making money!

This Wednesday night come learn how solving complex Identity theft and credit score issues can be used to leverage your way into large real estate and business deals!

I'll show you how I am able to participate in the development of the $9,000,000 Orthopedic Center of Excellence with no cash & no credit with a premier group of surgeons, physicians and professionals.

You'll learn how I received 100,000 shares of stock in a major Telecom company... Just for solving a simple math problem!

...Or how I came to own a three bedroom, one bath home for $608.13, that produces $1150 in monthly cash flow and $70,000 of equity.

...Or how I continually gain access to 'secret' county records time and time again, all by providing solutions to complex real estate & credit problems.

Do these statements seem so insane that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY they could be true? You could never believe them!

Perhaps you can't....although they are part of my every day life.

You may not know me, but I can promise you that if Sir Richard Branson where typing these words, you would be a fool if you didn't show up!

Register today for the next Outback this Wednesday 6:45 PM.

All doubters, naysayers and "Debbie Downers" welcome...

...and in December...HOLIDAY PARTY TIME!!

Also...a new investment group is starting...get more info here...NEW PRICE begin 1/1/2018. Next class begin 1/15/ 18 days of performance real estate training $4,995.00

Introducing Coffee Tuesday's...8:30 am - more to com e on this!

January 2018 we kick off strong - Are you afraid to talk to sellers? Come see how it's done like a PRO! We get n the phones - LIVE! Everybody wins!!!

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