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ICAgile Certified Agile Team Facilitation (ICP-ATF)

Clear Systems LLC
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Nov 30 8:30AM - 5:00PM

Knowing and administering the mechanics of Scrum or other Agile ceremonies is the very least of what a Scrum Master or Agile Coach must be able to do. Collaboration and self-organization are central to Agile teams. Moreover, Agile emphasizes an empirical approach of inspection, adaptation, and transparency. As a result, work in an Agile team is characterized by frequent group interaction - for planning, coordination, review, reflection, and even for pure team building and alignment of purpose. This all adds up to the fact that one of the first and most essential skills for an Agile Coach is the ability to effectively facilitate group interactions of all kinds.

This highly interactive course provides a Scrum Master / Agile Coach with the understanding, tools, techniques and hands on practice, to facilitate not only meetings and the key Agile ceremonies, but any Agile team collaboration and communication situation. You will learn how to lead by example, spot and address team dysfunctionality, and the skills needed to help your teams communication mature and succeed. This course delivers an ICAgile Agile Team Facilitator (ICP-ATF) certification.

Be agreatScrum Master or Coach. Acquire the skills to effectively facilitate Agile teams. The satisfaction you get from seeing your teams reach higher levels of communication and collaborative production will be its own reward.

From this course, you will walk away with a full tool kit of facilitation principles, techniques and practices, along with hands-on experience in their application.

This course delivers Agile Team Facilitation certification by the International Agile Consortium (ICAgile).

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