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Huddart to Wunderlich (Crossroads) via Skyline Trail

Peninsula Trail Running
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Sep 16 7:00AM - 12:00PM

Planning on a lovely long run this Saturday! As the route stands now, it's 20-22 miles (nobody freak out!!) start and ending at Huddart, which is nice and shady. Start at Huddart, ascend to Skyline Rd via Dean Trail and Chinquapin Trail. There's a short out-and-back to the fire station to refill water, then run along Skyline Trail to the top of Wunderlich. If we want to the get to full 22, from here we can run to the Crossroads and back (this is above the trail closure caused by the mudslide). Return to Huddart via Skyline Trail.

I'm planning on 20 miles, doing 22 only if we're feeling good at the top of Wunderlich. It'll be a pretty slow run (for reference, I run the Wunderlich Wednesday run at ~13 min/mile), but I'm hoping to minimize the stops. Happy running!

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