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HSP Community Gathering

A Place for Highly Sensitive People (New Paltz Chapter)
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Feb 10 10:00AM - 11:00AM

What we'll do
Let's meet! Every month I will be hosting a casual Community Gathering for us to meet and connect. If there is a location you enjoy meeting with a group of people, send me a message! For our first meeting, I will be in the side room at the Mudd Puddle in the Water Street Market. I'd love to meet and connect with you and learn more about how you learned your were a HSP. I have lots of other questions we can dive into from there. I set the meeting time for 1 hour but if we can stay as long as we'd like. Hope to see you there!

P.S. If you have a friend or family member who is a HSP (or you think they are), invite them! Highly Sensitive Awareness is still not very common, especially if this area, so I'm hoping each of us can help spread the word and get the buzz going about what it really means to be a Highly Sensitive Person. Thanks for being part of this from the beginning <3

What to bring
Warm, genuine, authentic, open self

Important to know

How to find us:My goal is to arrive early to reserve a table in the room to the right just as you walk into the coffee shop. When you find me, introduce yourself!

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