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How to Think Like a Librarian

Institute in Public Librarianship
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Endorsed by Curators:
Oct 12 1:00PM - 4:00PM

3 hour BASIC class

A. History of Public Libraries

B. The Role of the Library in Society

C. Intellectual Freedom

D. Code of Ethics

Upon completing this class, students will have knowledge of:

  • history of libraries from ancient times to the 20th century
  • the contributions of Dewey, Carnegie and others
  • the contributions of Oklahoma library leaders, i.e. Allie Beth Martin, Edmon Low, Leta Dover, Ruth Brown, etc.
  • definition of public library
  • how the library functions in society:
    • are we still important/relevant?
    • does the public perception of us match our own?
  • intellectual freedom as a key library value
    • ALA statements
    • OLA statements
  • support procedures -- such as state and national assistance, local procedures and policies, etc.
  • public library as an open forum -- local policies on meeting room usage, displays, etc.
  • freedom of access to all, no barriers based on age, gender, educational level, dress, odor, appearance, etc.
  • the Code of Ethics for librarians, including:
    • the ALA statement of professional ethics
    • the OLA amplification code of ethics
    • confidentiality issues

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