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How To Set Your Price And Generate Profit (Saskatoon)

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Nov 30 12:00AM - 1:30PM

How To Set Your Price And Generate Profit

1) Price is a component of your broader marketing and sales strategy.

- Decisions in areas such as price, product and brand are integrated.

2) How to set prices.

- Know what customers will pay.

- Know your fixed and variable costs.

- Calculate your contribution margin.

- Making the decision: Three general price strategies.

3) Important questions when setting prices.

- Should your goal be market share or profit?

- How will price influence your companys brand image?

The intent of this seminar is to provide a process for determining the price of a product or service. Its extremely practical, with examples to help ensure you understand the process. Brent will use simple math that anyone can follow in order to give you a template to use when working with numbers in your business.

Attendees will also get a copy of Brent's latest book, "Pursuing Growth".

Cost: $45 for members / $60 for non-members
Deadline to register: Nov 23, 2016

Presented by:

Brent Banda

Brent Banda is marketing strategy consultant and author based in Saskatoon. He has worked with roughly 200 owner-managed companies over the last 20 years, helping to launch new products, enter new markets, and improve the effectiveness of Marketing and Sales Plans. Brent has also taught Advertising, Personal Sales, and Marketing Management at St. Francis Xavier University.

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