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How to resolve the issue when Google Chrome not working?

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Nov 30 10:30AM - 6:30PM
Seeing Google Chrome Not Working? Get the Simple Steps to Fix It

There is no doubt when it comes to getting the highest speed downloading and flawless browsing experience Google Chrome pops up in one's mind. With plenty of user-friendly features making it is easier to browser faster and in a better way. Though it offers glitch-free services sometimes Chrome users may get the issue while working due to any reason.

If such a thing happens with you while working on Google Chrome and it doesn't respond, then, you can fix it without much of a stretch. So this post will help you by providing the steps to follow and resolve the problem.

What Should You Do When Google Chrome Not Working Issue Appear?

First of all, you should check whether your device is connected to an active and strong internet connection. Due to improper internet speed also create this issue.Also, you should open the browser settings and clear the cookies and cache stored on your browser.In addition, you will require to check whether any update for Google Chrome is available. Or you have installed the latest version of a web browser. Sometimes, the older version of the web browser may create this problem. You need to check on this.Moreover, you need to check all the browser extensions and plugins that you have installed on your browser. Disable one by one and examine which one is causing trouble while accessing.

How to Resolve the Issue When Google Chrome Not Working?

It also has been observed that the users install a security program or antivirus software, in this way, the security program may oppose the working of the Google Chrome web browser. So you need to disable or uninstall the security program in order to fix the issue.

Once you do all the above steps, you will not see theGoogle Chrome not workingissue on your browser. Aside from this, if you still see any kind of issue, you are free to ask for help from the Google support team. The team will provide you instant assistance through its 24*7 customer service.

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