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How to Enjoy the Holidays with your Asperger Child*

Elizabeth Moors
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Nov 09 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Every parent dreams of a picture perfect holiday - one where there is no stress, everything falls into place and each family member is smiling. This is a great goal to shoot for in any household but its challenging to achieve when you have a child that relates to the world differently.

Everyonewants to e joy the holidays but the ideal picture perfect image presented on tv and in magazines is unrealistic to achieve, especially if you just sit around and wait for the worse to happen.The hustle and bustle, the bright lights, the change in routine, the increased social activity, the anticipation, the different foods, smells, sounds and expectations all have the potential to send your child into a tail spin or cause him/her to withdraw. Lets not forget about the well-intentioned family member who likes to offer you parenting advice.

I know you want to avoid all of this. I know you have a silent wish that you and your family could enjoy the holiday.

Is this possible?I definitely think so.

I cant promise you magic fairy dust but I do know how to decrease the likelihood that things will fall apart. If you just try one, some or all of my strategies, you and your family could begin to experience a happier holiday!

*Suitable for Autism 1/HFA

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