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How to build a strong foundation for injury free running performance improvement

San Diego Running Technique- Injury Prevention & Performance
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Aug 12 9:00AM - 10:30AM

Dear running warriors,

Lately we have been experimenting with different ways of treating, training andrehabbing injured runners to balance the two big questions: how fast, and how solid can their recovery be?

Fast recovery is what everyone desires. However, if it is not build on a solid foundation of running techniques, then the runner will a harder time to sustain their improvement, and as soon as their training intensity or mileage goes up, they risk new injury. Any new injurybuilt on existing old injury almost always take much longer to recover.

Therefore to balance afast paced recovery with a solid, step-by-steo training / recovering method has been a subject that we work hard toimprove all the time!

What we have found is that the more we go back to basicmechanics and techniques training, peeling back further and further to static drills beforeintegrating into walking followed by running, we have had even better results than before!

We could not wait to share this with you! That is why you are invited to this meetup, where we will share with you our new discoveries.

Please join me for a fun morning of Running techniques that build a strong foundation, from learning to practicing to internalizing all of it!

When? Sat August 12th, 9 a.m. If you are doing your long run, stop by after! We are a casual environment that just wants to share our passion and knowledge.

Additional opportunity for running technique training: join Dr. Dawn at 7:20 am for our weekly Coastal Technique Run at Fletcher cove park! Please see details HERE.

FREE INDIVIDUAL RUNNING ANALYSIS: We understand each of you have a slightly different running style and mechanics....therefore, to obtain maximum benefit from this meetup... Dr. Dawn will analyze your individual running mechanics and give you concrete suggestions to improve your running for optimal performance. This will help you whether you are doing Marathons, trail running or just starting out.


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Questions: email or call us....858-481-1438.

If you need direction, please click here.

We look forward to seeing you!

How to find us:Call 858-481-1438 if you need help! We are right in the Cedros design district. Park in the 2-level garage between LEAPING LOTUS and CASSIDY INTERIOR, and take elevator to level 3, we will be right there!

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