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How I Made $10,000 My First Month Running Facebook Ads for Clients & How You Can TOO Even If You Start With ZERO Results!

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Jan 19 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Did you hear about the guy that made $10k his first month running Facebook ads for clients?

Most people get it DEAD WRONG when it comes to running a Facebook Ad agency

What they get wrong is that its actually EASY to get Facebook Ad clients, and to get clients that pay you month after month after month like clockwork IF you follow a few simple steps.

Its always better to model whats working, than to re-invent the wheel

Thats why I need to tell you about my buddy Dan Henry.

If you are even remotely interested in getting paid to help local businesses get more customers.

Then you'll want to know Dan and you'll want to Steal his Brain!

Lucky for us, Dan has an AMAZING free training that shows exactly how he made $10,000 running Facebook ads for clients, step by step, and it's beginner friendly!

It's called... "My 3 Step Method to Landing Easy Ad Clients that Pay!

You can register here!

Here is why his webinar is different...

First, about 50% of the people that attend actually land a client BEFORE the webinar is over.... no seriously. No joking here.

Second, he takes a very unique approach. He shows you how to find no brainer clients that not only PAY, but are SUPER easy to get results for... even if you NEVER ran an ad!

Starting a Facebook Ad agency is a GREAT way to quickly build a 6 figure income, or raise capitol FAST for a bigger purchase or investment.

On this FREE training, Dan is going to show you 3 secrets...

*Secret #1: How to Land your FIRST client within hours (Most people land one before the training is even over)

*Secret #2: How to pick the right client so you can get easy results and not ruin your reputation

*Secret #3: How to scale this to multiple clients quickly and create a full time living....

PLUS... if you stay till the end of the webinar, Dan will GIVE You A Fully Functioning Ads Funnel ($5,000 Value) totally FREE! Just Plug In Your Client Info and GO!

Seriously you do NOT want to miss this training! Dan is a black sheep in this industry because he actually DELIVERS on his free trainings, unlike most self proclaimed gurus.

In addition to everything I listed above, you will also learn

*The ONE thing you can post on Facebook in 5 minutes to get TON of clients salivating to work with you.

*The ONE thing a client MUST have before you take them on, or you are screwed (and no, it's not a Facebook ad account LOL)

If you want to make super easy money, super fast by running Facebook ads for EASY clients then register for his webinar here

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