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How America Became Capitalist

The Marxist Education Project
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Jul 17 7:00PM - 9:00PM
Imperial Expansion and the Conquest of the West
An epic history of the formation of American capitalism, focusing on gender, race and empire.

A presentation and discussion with author James Parisot

Parisots rich and lively analysis of the domestic history of US empire helps readers understand what it was about the development of US economic, social and political institutions that made the American state so central in the making of global capitalism.
Leo Panitch

The historical transformation from a society with capitalism to a capitalist society, then, meant, in the American case, the two hundred and fifty or so year process through which bits and pieces of capitalist relations slowly came to predominate and incorporate noncapitalist forms of social life. And this history of the rise of capitalist dominance was simultaneously a history of empire building. By empire I refer to the total structure of power over space and territory that emerged from the earliest days of whitesettler colonization through the extension of continental expansion and the globalization of US power.
James Parisot, 2017

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