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History as a Mystery: Aide-Memoire signed at Hyde Park 1944

New York Circle (Suffolk County, New York)
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Endorsed by Curators:
Nov 15 7:00PM - 8:00PM

To learn more about the New York Circle, please visit ourwebsite.

This week we're using " History as a Mystery."

The particulars: You are giving twodocuments, listed below. Your goal is to read these two World War II documentsand trace the story in between. You may use any method you wish: written word, video, and espionage to discover not only how these documents organized the Nuclear Age, but who has the r/Right to nuclear arms today. During the meeting you will have a chance to share what we all have found, and discuss what it all means, Alfie!

1. Click to read:EinsteinSzilrd letter to Roosevelt

2. Click to read: Aide Memoire signed at Hyde Park 1944 between Roosevelt and Churchill*

*Tube Alloys = Atomic Bomb

Please remember to bring $3 to the Setauket Neighborhood House.

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