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HBS-Braintree: Transcending Loss

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Mar 24 7:00PM - 9:30PM

Join the growing HBS-Braintree as we continue with a theme we have not yet explored but bears doing so: Loss. We all experience loss; a significant person in our life; an ability; a job; a relationship, our own life. All losses have one thing in common: they are not something that we deliberately chose to experience; we had little control over them.

An Evening to Transform Loss

Loss is an inevitable part of life. It is something that we all face. It is something that visits us -- small and large -- daily.

The question we'll ask tonight is how can we face loss more powerfully? How do we feel and act when encountering loss? How can we move through it? And how quickly can we find joy in our next step after the loss.

The Locus of Control

We all experience loss; a significant person in our life; an ability; a job; a relationship, our own life. All losses have one thing in common: they are not something that we deliberately chose to experience; we had little control over them.

Although we can not control that the loss happened, we can control what we do with the memory of the loss in the present. One possibility is to embrace the loss as an important and inevitable part of our life; another possibility is to suffer.

Introducing Choice to Loss

We can experience loss as a debilitating, life-stopping eventorwe can choose to utilize it as a call for sweet reflection, for quiet appreciation for a part of our life that is no longer pertinent,for re-ordering priorities, and for rebirth into the next stage of our ever-changing life.

Some losses are small and may have little impact; yet others affect us so significantly that our ability to enjoy and participate fullyin life can be impaired. What if we were able to approached life fully, allowing the past to be the past and knowing the only thing we can change is how much we let it affect us?

How the Evening Will Proceed

In this mini Workshop, we will work together, through a series of group sharing exercises, some (small) lecture, and some personal reflection. We'll experience,share, and re-frame our relationship to loss. We will explore choosing not to suffer. We will reflect, integrate, and move forward, while using the loss to create life-affirming and empowering lessons to guide us in our next step.

Significance does not equal seriousness, so Julia will facilitate in an atmosphere of lightness. (Anyone who cannot yet explore the viewpoint that loss is something that can be enjoyed is welcome to connect with her privately and discuss their situation and together you can decide on the best way to explore your particular situation.)

Julia intends "transcending through loss" to be an on-going, living, evolving theme in our community. She will use this workshop as a launch-pad for future explorations. This will be a living, breathing, creative meeting with Julia flowing with our energy on a moment to moment basis.

Come join us and we'll play together!

What you will learn:

We will share. We will care for one another. We will embrace ourselves ourselves and each other in a new way. And we'll explore a new way of dealing with inevitable loss in a lighter, more empowering way. We will make new friends, have an opportunity to help each other, and move forward in our lives through the gift of opening up, connecting, sharing and supporting others.

Learning to consciously let go is a gift everyone can give themselves. Why? Because letting go of the past is the requirement for creating new things in our life in the present. Often success in life depends on our willingness to experience the pain of failure, of rejection, of losses, of criticism, etc.

Losing well is absolutely essential to living well. If we learn how to embrace and transcend the pain, rather than tryingunsuccessfully to avoid it, there is nothing that can stop us from going for our dreams in the present.

This workshop is for you:

If you are passionate about life and you are ready to embraceallof its flavors.

If you are willing to break through your comfort zone, discussing and exploring letting go of things intentionally, instead of waiting for life to force you to change.

If you are looking to acknowledge your loss, to move powerfully into your present, and to continue with even a brighter future?

If you anticipate a loss and fear your reaction to it.

If you don't suffer from loss currently, but you love supporting others in healing and moving forward. Come and help hold the space. There is tremendous grace in helping others through painful situations and sometimes helping someone else is more healing than helping yourself. Enjoy gifting us with your presence.

This workshop is NOT for you:

If you are convinced that some things in life are too horrible to embrace, appreciate and move through to an empowered present.

If you are committed to suffering and are not able or willing to explore different perspectives.

If you are not able or willing to create a safe space for others to share painful experiences. Our group will commit, not to trouble shoot, but to listen, creating a space where everything is ok, no matter the circumstances.

If you are not able to see or hear someone's suffering without reverting to sympathy and despair. We will be creating a space where difficult life lessons will be embraced by all of us in high vibration and uplifted attitude.

To Prepare .... questions to ask yourself to prepare for the evening:

* What losses in my life today still impact me significantly?
* What did I love about the things that I lost?
* Which losses am I not able or willing to share?
* What do I do when things are not going my way?
* What are my goals and dreams for the future?

What to Bring

Please bring pen and paper or a journal - you'll want to take notes of your process.

In the spirit of the exploration, bring an opening toempathy

Our Leader This Evening

Julia Fishman:

Julia Fishman is a lover of life. She isanAvatar masterand loves transformative coaching, facilitating people to live deliberately and to align their life with personal responsibility, with compassion, and with service to others.

She calls her private practice "a deeper look", focusing on health, wellness, empowerment and life transformation by combining her diverse background in yoga, ayurvedic medicine, personal growth, public speaking, entrepreneurship and business to create a unique approach for individuals and groups. Her clients learn about themselves and create empowering paths to personal health on every level.

Julia's Personal Relationship to Loss

"My personal journey of loss and gain came through a number of significant losses. I overcame, made peace with, and finally integrated and enjoyed the process of letting go of a number of losses in my life that occurred within a short span of a time including the losses of: my significant relationship; my company; my home; my financial security.

"If these losses occurring together were not enough, they were enhanced by my journey through aggressive cervical cancer, losing my ability to have kids, and my working with western medicine, which I had adamantly opposed most of my adult life. (To read a bit about my travel through my losses with cancer, seemy old page.)

"These losses allowed me to develop an empowering perspective that allowed me to lose my resistance to my many losses and to stabilize my life in a real enjoyment of an empowered and glorious present. I am still integrating these difficult life lessons, however, I do not suffer or oppose my losses now. I approach them with lightness and fun. I use my losses to gift me with personal power and peace of mind. Who knew how much happiness I could gain from fully experiencing loss; it is really quite amazing...

"I am eager to share my approach with anyone willing to love life at its best. Together we can create an empowered world, lightening our loads by loving all the aspects of life to the fullest.

"I can't wait to create this experience with you!"

More Info?

If you have questions or are worried if this mini Workshop is right for you, reach out directly to Julia:




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HBS-Braintree: Transcending Loss

Friday, March 24th, 2017 @ 7-9:30pm

Cray Physical Therapy

1681 Washington Street (Route 37SB)

Braintree, MA 02184

Meeting Location: Inside CPT! Please enter through Cray Physical Therapy's front door, to the left of the building's front door. If the door is locked please knock. The main door to the building is locked at night. Look for the meetup signs on CPT's front door.

Hosts: HBS-Braintree Host Team Members Eric, Karen and Anna
Cost: $5pp ~ Please bring small bills or exact change.
Min/Max: Min of 6 people 72 hours prior, max of 20.
Guests: 1 per member
RSVP Deadline: 4pm (3 hours prior to the event)
Parking: Ample free parking on-site.

Directions Overview: Located on Route 37SB in the Braintree Highlands in between the Fire Station and Easy Pie.

Bus: Located on the bus line. Checkwww.mbta.comfor exact bus route info.

This is handicap accessible with no stairs.

Upcoming 2017 HBS-Braintree Event Themes:

April 21: Remembering Names

Financial/Finances: TBD

Gratitude: TBD

Additional Themes/Topics TBD Based On YOUR Suggestions/Recommendations and Happiness Projects!

How to find us:Please enter through Cray Physical Therapy's front door, to the left of the building's front door. If the door is locked please knock. The main door to the building is locked at night. Look for the meetup signs on CPT's front door.

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