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Half-Day Scrum Workshop

Discovering Agile Community
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Endorsed by Curators:
Nov 30 10:00AM - 3:00PM

Are you interested in learning about scrum?

This workshop is designed to help you understand agile/Scrum. The focus is to explain the Agile/Scrum values, principles, practices, and roles & responsibilities through simulation, agile games, and exercises

During the half-day workshop, we explore Scrum from the standpoint of a Scrum Team. You will get to experience all Scrum artifacts and ceremonies and also, the Scrum roles.


  • Why Agile

  • What is a High performing team

  • Agile manifesto and principles

  • Empirical process control

  • Scrum artifacts and ceremonies

  • Lego city simulation

  • Definition of Done

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn what it means to be doing agile and being agile

  • Understand what scrum is, the values and principles

  • Practice Scrum with simulated activities

Who should attend?

The workshop is for everyone who is currently working, cooperating with Scrum team or planning to work within a scrum team in their organization.The workshop uses Training from the back of the room techniques.

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